Black Box Logistics/Extron Europe will go live with a new Warehouse Management System mid this year. The current application, which has been provided with the necessary customization over the years, no longer meets the specifications required by modern logistics processes. The aim is to replace this with a stable State of Art solution, which not only supports the strong growth of the company but also achieves significant goals in terms of efficiency. In search of a new WMS, Boltrics’ logistics software solution caught their eye. With the input from the logistics industry, Boltrics’ branch standard software ensures that BBL will never fall behind when it comes to the latest technologies and logistics functionalities. In this way, Black Box Logistics is assured of always being able to meet the complex and rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Responding effortlessly to customer requirements

In the near future, traditional distribution models will no longer suffice. Based on that starting point, BBL Extron ensures that their diverse client portfolio can keep up with the rapid developments in the logistics industry. Based on this vision, BBL provides logistics services, from (e-)fulfillment to Value Added Services, in the field of Warehousing, Transport and Assembly.

The current customized solution could no longer sufficiently support their business processes. Rudolph Oosterling, CEO of Black Box Logistics: “Our current system could no longer meet the most recent technology. Moreover, we see the risk of ‘concentrated’ knowledge within the organization of an application with a lot of customization. In such a setting you cannot count on continuous innovation.” To ensure that BBL can continue to grow and meet the wishes of their customers, the logistics service provider opts for the always up-to-date promise of Boltrics. With an IT solution that grows with the logistics industry, BBL can effortlessly respond to new customer requirements.

“A solution based on input from the logistics industry really appealed to us. In our working method we make use of all possible innovations in the field of ICT, in order to continue to meet the expectations of our customers. In a sense, we expect the same from our WMS system”, says Rudolph Oosterling. “With Boltrics’ WMS we are assured that we always keep up with the latest Microsoft technology and all business and logistics processes are standard included in the software. In this way we never lag behind and we can continue to grow.”

Software made for and made by the branch

Together with the logistics industry, Boltrics is continuously building on the branch standard. A modular total solution of which BBL can decide what they want to use. In this way, logistics service providers benefit from each other’s knowledge, instead of Black Box Logistics having to reinvent the wheel. As a result, BBL will effortlessly streamline all its warehouse activities with the new WMS solution. In addition to the primary warehouse processes, BBL has chosen to provide their customers a 24/7 insight into the latest status via the web portal and to communicate real time via EDI. “In this way we no longer need customization and are ready for the future”.