As a logistics service provider you know exactly how diverse your logistics processes can be. Maybe you primarily focus on warehousing, but you also do some transport activities. Perhaps transport is your core business and you respond to the wishes of your customer by also offering primary warehouse activities. You may see opportunities to do more business by expanding your range of services or you may even have to change, because things are (temporarily) not going well in the sector of your customers. For example, think of the consequences the corona pandemic had on the different logistics sectors. And what about all other non-logistics business processes, such as invoicing, CRM and data analysis? In other words, as a logistics service provider you know many different processes – especially as your organization grows – and these all need to be streamlined.

You can of course do this in spreadsheets, with multiple software systems or even on paper. Do you have one specific problem? Then you can use a best of breed solution. This allows you to achieve quick results in the short term. But have you ever looked at the possibilities of an integrated solution? You will have all your processes together in one codebase and one database. In other words, one streamlined business process. In the long term, this will save you time, costs and create more insight into your logistics and business processes.

Five reasons to opt for an integrated solution

We discuss five pillars on which there is much to be gained. This way you will no longer be held back in your flexibility, productivity and the ability of your organization to innovate and grow.

#1 Process efficiency

First of all, you can efficiently organize and streamline your diverse processes with an integrated solution. By not working with different systems, but only with one solution, you avoid duplication and complex connections will no longer be necessary. Whether it concerns order management, cross-docking, contract agreements, invoicing, sharing information or generating reports, you can manage it all in one system. Manual and time-consuming administrative work will be in the past. Moreover, by not wasting your employee productivity, you save time and reduce the chance of errors. In addition, it offers the space to assign your personnel to tasks of higher values, so that your organization can innovate and grow instead of lagging behind.

#2 Insight and transparency in your processes

Secondly, integrated software provides insight and transparency into your processes, so that you always have real-time insight into the latest statuses. Data-driven information is essential when you need to make important decisions. Because you know, to measure is to know! You can effortlessly create insight into your data, without having to click through different systems. Data extraction or merging different databases is therefore no longer necessary. Moreover, you will have information from different layers of the organization in one database; outstanding invoices, status of warehouse stocks or important KPIs for strategy determination. You can easily read the data with the Analytics tool in 3PL Dynamics.

#3 Easily share information to your customers and suppliers

In addition to wanting insight into your processes yourself, your customers also want to know: ‘What is the latest status of my order?’ ‘Where is my order located?’ ‘How many goods do you have in stock?’ With an integrated solution, it is a piece of cake to provide your customer with all the required information. With one push of a button you have insight into the latest status and you share the information quickly and easily via e-mail, EDI or give customers 24/7 insight via the web portal.

#4 User friendliness

When different systems are used in an organization, this can cause confusion among employees. One information must be entered in system A, the other in system B and the financial department must also be informed with system C. And then you will also see: with system A the send button is at the bottom, with system B at the top. and with system C sending works automatically. By using only one system, everything is immediately clear, which contributes to the user-friendliness. Employees only need to know one solution and then easily find their way through the system. That saves a lot of chaos!

#5 Optimizing management

Finally, you want to make sure that your business system is running all the time and continues to run. When you use several different best of breed solutions, it can cost a lot of time and money to integrate, maintain and update the different solutions. With an integrated solution you only deal with one supplier instead of many different experts. Your software will no longer get outdated, because the system is easy to update. Do you want to expand with new processes or do you get new customers? Then you only have to enter everything in one system. And do you want new functionalities? Then you know exactly who to contact.

Best of breed solutions vs. integrated solution

In short, an integrated solution has many advantages. If you have one specific problem, best of breed solutions are a good way to achieve results in the short term. As a logistics organization, however, you want to effortlessly streamline all your diverse processes. An integrated solution offers you the combination of different best of breed solutions, eliminating the need for complex connections. You achieve more efficiency, transparency and optimization and also save time and money.

Ready for an integrated solution?

Curious about the possibilities that our integrated solution offers for your logistics processes? Boltrics offers with 3PL Dynamics the branch standard, specifically for logistics service providers in the field of warehousing, transport and freight forwarding. Thanks to the modular total solution, the software meets all your needs. Want to know more? Mail to and discover what the branch standard can do for you.