In your job as a logistics service provider, you come across a lot of challenges. In the new year, you will again have to keep up with trends and new developments, without reducing the quality of your service. Luckily, you can trust your always-up-to-date software, for which you have chosen in the past. With this decision you made sure that you and your colleagues do not have to wonder whether your systems will be outdated compared to your competitors. That goes for the use of new functionalities in the logistics industry, as well as for the latest Microsoft technology. In other words, you are ready for the future.

Microsoft Business Central v17

As we speak, you are taking the first step towards this future, or maybe you are still preparing it: the transition towards Dynamics 365 Business Central v17. To ensure you of the newest Microsoft technology, you and the rest of the peloton must make this transition towards the newest Microsoft release.

This step will certainly take more doing than an average update. For example, in the latest version only one client is available, the code language in which Boltrics works has completely changed compared to v13, and profiles in your environment must be configured again.

Configure profiles in Business Central v17

Following up on my earlier blog, in which I have explained basically how you can manage your profiles, you will find in this blog a complete step by step explanation of how you can adjust your profiles. In this way, you are ready for the update and can your colleagues continue their daily activities in no-time.

Create profiles

Are you at the start of creating new profiles? And do you have no idea where to start? No worries! In the video below, you see how you can create a new profile in just a few clicks and directly adjust the role center to your wishes.

Customize lists

Have you created your profile already? Or have you watched the video above? Then you can continue with customizing your lists in the new profile. In this way, you can determine what information is shown for this profile and what is not shown in the list.

Customize cards

Besides the role center and lists, you can also simply adjust your cards per profile. Discover how in the video below.

Save profile

Finally, in the video below you will find how to correctly close customization and save all changes to the profile. In this way, your adjustments will not be lost, and you can quickly switch to the new profile.

Role centers in 3PL Dynamics

Per profile, you can customize a role center. By doing so, you can determine what information is shown for which profile. To give you a head start, Boltrics has set up numerous role centers, especially for logistics service providers. In this way, you can allocate a pre-defined role center ID to a profile, if desired, and you only have to make a few minor adjustments when configuring your profile. Discover which role centers have been developed for 3PL in the table below.

11154926WMS Support Role Center
11154930WMS Order Process. Role Center
11154934WMS Bookkeeper Role Center
11155126WMS Forwarding Role Center
111729353PL BP HRM Role Center
11172936TMS Order Role Center
11172937TMS Data Admin Role Center
11172938TMS Transp. Admin Role Center
11172939TMS Fleet Admin Role Center
11173055WMS – TMS Role Center
11173056TMS – AIR & Ocean Role Center
11190924WMS Works Office Role Center
11190925WMS Expedition Role Center
111912763PL BP Timesheet Role Center
11237163WMS Air/Ocean Role Center
112374003PL Warehouse Role Center
112374013PL Transportation Role Center
112374023PL Customs Role Center
112374033PL WMS Customer Role Center

Support during your update?

You configure your profiles fastest by following the steps in the how to videos above. However, do you need help with configuring your profiles in Business Central v17 during your update? Or do you face problems during the steps above? Mail to Our colleagues are glad to help.