You enter a receipt, move an order to the next status or you want to send a report. Normally, this isn’t any problem. However, today, you suddenly receive an error. Others may panic right away, but that’s not you. You roll up your sleeves and start investigating the problem yourself. You search for a possible cause and try – with the help of your colleagues – to solve it immediately. Eventually, you have tried everything in your power but unfortunately without any luck. Luckily there is a way out: you can ask for the support of Boltrics and our international partners. We will help you fix all the processes that did work yesterday, but don’t work today. How can you make sure that these colleagues can solve your error as fast as possible?

Checked? Clear? Send!

That starts with sending in the support notification. To help you to the best of our abilities and to solve your error as quickly as possible, it is important to know in which company and which site in Business Central you are working. This is essential to the process because a lot of customers have multiple companies and sites in their software. When you name this in the first rule of your email, we can directly start our search in the right place. Furthermore, we advise you to add the overall topic of your notification. When you clearly add if the error occurs in your WMS, TMS, Finance, or Customs module, the problem can be found faster, and you can continue your activities quicker.

Save time with a clear description

A clear description of the notification is of great importance to help our support consultants resolve your issue as soon as possible. As a key-user, you know your own environment like the back of your hand. However, our support colleagues receive messages from over 170+ customers, who all work slightly differently. This requires a lot of switching between companies and how information is captured. Therefore, it is important to describe the process correctly to make sure our consultant can start working on the problem in the right place. For example, describe what steps you made before receiving the error and on what button you clicked when the error appeared. If you have seen the error in the past, make sure to share that information with our colleague as well. This way, you can go back to work as quickly as possible.

Add print screens

Adding print screens can help with solving the error when pictures are complete. Therefore, make sure the entire screen is captured in it instead of a print screen of a specific part of your screen. This helps us to find as much information as we can, to quickly discover the cause.

Is my question a support issue?
Though you probably did a good analysis of the cause of the error yourself, it can occur that your notification isn’t a question for support, but a request. To prevent extra work for you and our consultants, we have explained ‘the rules of the game’ that will help you judge and send in your support notification. The main rule goes: support is for everything that worked yesterday but doesn’t work today. Do you want to optimize your processes more? Or you want to add a new functionality that hasn’t been set up during the implementation? Then, our Consultancy Team are glad to help you.

Handling your notification

When you have sent your notification as a key-user, you receive a confirmation via e-mail with a notification number. When urgent, you can call our offices. In that case, keep your notification number at hand, so we can quickly switch to your problem and solve it as fast as possible.

Prioritizing notifications

Our support division receives the most divergent notifications and support questions. These notifications are ordered based on priority. This does not mean that your notification may not be important, but we look to the impact an error has on the activities of our customers. Nevertheless, we try to pick up your notification as quickly as possible, but sometimes the time in which the problem is solved doesn’t cohort with the expectations you had before. Therefore, try to be honest about the urgency of your notification. Only then we can help you and the rest of our customers to the best of our abilities.

When can you expect a reaction?

After sending a notification, you usually receive a reaction when a solution has been found or when extra information is needed to do so. This means that you won’t receive an update of the latest status automatically. This takes precious time of you and our consultants, which also could be used to solve the error you had sent in the first place. When you do wish to get an update of the latest status of your notification, you may always add this request in your notification.

Wrap it up while focusing on the future

After the problem is found and solved, you can continue again with all your logistic activities. Our consultant will then give you advice on how you can prevent, find or solve a possible similar error in the future. For example, when the error can be solved easily, our colleagues will share a description of how to solve it or they will explain what you can do yourself in a short phone call. This way, you learn more about the application, reduce the possibilities of errors in your process, and save time on sending a support notification. Because one thing is for sure; you rather prevent this.