Last summer, Plantion went live with a new WMS system to increase customers’ insight about their products and to effortlessly streamline all their logistics processes. The marketplace for florists, gardeners and retailers is pre-eminently dealing with time pressure, enormous peaks and traceability. Therefore, the need for a future-proof WMS solution was pressing. The first steps towards more efficiency were a smooth cross docking distribution of flower carts and the tracing of load carriers in the Plantion chain. The desire to spread the supply of products more efficiently soon followed. In that way, Plantion can give the flowers and plants the attention they deserve.

Track and tracing throughout the entire chain: from receipt to auction

Every day, trucks filled with flowers and plants drive to Plantion to be sold at the auction, which starts every workday at 6 a.m. sharp. After arrival, and after an order from the scanner, the flower carts are driven to the storage areas. On the same day, the products are transported to the new owners: florists, supermarkets, garden centers and other (retail) companies. With the old system, that Plantion previously worked with, these various logistics flows and its processing could not be traced or controlled. With Boltrics’ new WMS solution, this is now in the past. Moreover, Plantion did not lean back since the implementation of the new WMS. They continuously make small and large changes to optimize their logistics process. In order to better streamline all the warehouse activities and to prepare the flowers and plants for the auction, a perfect spread of the supply is essential.

Peter Bakker, Managing Director at Plantion: “The rush hour in the night-time supply, regularly resulted in a peak between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., during which the utmost was asked from the logistic capacity. Therefore, we are now working with reserving time slots for loading and unloading the flowers and plants. Drivers can book a time slot themselves via the web portal and the app which are developed by Boltrics. Thanks to a better spreading, there is more time for drafting, checking and taking a good photo for the auction. In this way, all goods that arrive at Plantion are effortlessly registered as well.”

A WMS solution that helps to keep growing

Plantion found all the desired options for the expansion of their logistics services with the Boltrics branch standard. What started as the demand for cross docking options and track and tracing, quickly turned into a WMS solution with various modules, such as time slot management and the app platform consisting of scan functions and time slot booking. Thanks to more efficient time slot management, Plantion prevents traffic jams in front of their docks and saves valuable time. The app platform in which the bookings are made, communicates fluently with the timeslot management system. In this way, it is always clear where and when unloading takes place. The drivers see the shipments via the app and can reserve a time slot themselves. This enables the trucks to unload immediately and be back on the road within half an hour. In other words, with Boltrics’ WMS solution, Plantion has a transparent and optimized process that will help the company to continue to grow. Now and in the future.