Annual business fairs, all over the world are cancelled this year, as a result of the corona virus. This also goes for the fifteenth edition of the Dutch business event for decision-makers and professionals in logistics and ICT. Recently, the organization has decided to shift all the attention to the event in 2021.

For me, as Sales Manager at Boltrics, it is a disappointment that this beautiful event won’t take place this year. No reunions with familiar faces and no possibility to make new connections and introduce them with Boltrics’ unique philosophy. Corona, and measures taken to stop it from spreading, keep shaking up things we all consider as normal. Luckily, there are other ways to receive information about our logistics software solution. And luckily do you as a logistics service provider realize, more then ever, what the importance is of a matching software solution to help you through these abnormal times.

The trend in logistics software

Although the entire sector currently faces a crisis, the interest in logistic software isn’t decreasing. The interest in our solution is the same as previous years, and we implement project after project. ‘Strange’, you would say, because like I said, the entire economy is faced with a crisis, making investing a risk. However, nothing seems further from the truth. A software solution isn’t like a trailer or reach truck that you have to replace, from which there are always enough in stock. Instead, it is an investment that reduces risks; an investment that should help your organization for the upcoming years and should seamlessly fit to your daily processes.

Development over the years

Luckily, the opinion on corporate software is different than a couple of years ago, also in the eyes the logistics entrepreneur. Before, software was seen as a tool which would only be used by the accountant. The operation would manage fine with Excel. However, over the years, more and more corporate applications arose out of these accounting software; the custom applications. We now see that these customized solutions can sometimes be years old. Therefore, when you want to optimize your software in current times, it will cost lots of time and money. Besides, you are very lucky when you can find someone with enough knowledge of this old custom solution, who has not retired yet.

The effect of the corona crisis

Now, due to the effects of corona, the logistics industry is forced to change. Logistics service providers are confronted with decreasing volumes, when they operate for the food service industry. Or they are asked to design their warehouse to do more e-fulfilment processes, which demand increased enormously in both B2C as B2B, as a result of the corona crisis.

The challenge you face

The entrepreneur now faces the challenge to pilot its business through the crisis and keep it financially healthy. New volumes must be searched for, or even entire new services must be provided. And there you are with a custom solution, that you thought was your USP a decade ago. And you are right, maybe it was. However, now, this solution is the reason you are held back when changing course, because the software hasn’t gown along with technical innovations or it does not support your newly provided services and demands of the customer.

In practice

Do you recognize this challenge? Then you are not the only one. Last year, I have repeatedly been confronted with examples like this, and I still am today. For example, logistics service providers who want to evolve themselves from being a “serving hatch” to picking combined packages for e-fulfilment. Simply because there lays the potential to survive this crisis for them. Sure, it sounds simple. But the trap is that the current software solution only supports your “serving hatch” activities instead of a combination of both. Or, the solution has been implemented by a provider whose priority wasn’t with development, let alone focusing on logistic needs. Maybe the solution was a perfect match for your airfreight business, but now this part of business is almost completely shut down. You shift your focus to warehousing, but that is the business your current software solution isn’t focused on. In other words: the solution does not meet the needed flexibility.

The branch standard

Boltrics on the other hand, offers a branch standard solution which can support your logistic activities from A to Z. And, we do this on a modern ERP platform based on Microsoft Dynamics, that  is continuously updated and optimized by our customers, which makes it widely applicable for the logistics industry.

No time to sit back

Does canceling of the logistics events mean that the entire sector should wait for the edition next year? Of course not. Do you want to change? Or better said; do you need to change to survive in the near future and be flexible towards your customers? Then don’t sit back, but discover the possibilities immediately. Also without the business fair, and with the current corona measures, we are glad to inform you about the possibilities for your business.