In an industry where you distinct yourself in the little things, you want to stand out. You can do this by providing extra services or being 24/7 available for urgent orders. What your USP may be, you want to make sure it helps you stand out in the crowded field of logistics service providers. Standing out starts with being recognizable. Being recognizable with your corporate business park, your vehicles, but also in the communication to your customers. For example, you want to personalize your invoices and add your own cooperate identity. In this way, customers immediately know whose invoice it is. With 3PL Dynamics you can not only personalize your invoices. You can also automatically send these invoices after they have been booked, without any extra work. In this blog, you will learn how to set up this process step by step. From adding your own corporate identity as invoice layout, to sending invoices automatically with a personalized – yet fully automatically sent – email message.

Step 1: Add your own corporate identity as letterhead

In 3PL Dynamics, you can easily add your corporate style to your invoice layout. By doing so, you don’t need any preprinted letterheads, but you can print the design on a blank sheet. ‘Print’, you ask? ‘We only send invoices in a PDF file via e-mail’. Of course this is also possible with the E-mail templates from step 2.

Step 2: Use E-mail templates

Besides personalizing your invoices with your own style, as can be seen in the video above, you can also personalize the e-mail in which you attach the invoice. In this way, your customer can be called by his name, can immediately notice what the e-mail is about, and can receive detailed information.

As you have seen in the video, you can capture texts via a template code per language, using the button ‘Extended texts’. A best practice is to enter the text in an empty language code with the setting ‘All Languages Codes’ on. When a language code of your contact cannot be found in the list, this message will be send. Furthermore, you can add divergent texts per language code. For example ‘NLD’ or ‘ENG’, for Dutch or English.

Step 3: Change layouts yourself

Next to personalizing your e-mails or style, you can adjust a random report via RDLC to you own taste. This goes for invoices as well. In the video below you can see how you can easily do this yourself.

Step 4: Automatically send invoices

When you have followed the steps above, you have by now added your own letterhead, inserted an personalized e-mail and set up your own RDLC reports. With the help of 3PL Dynamics, you can send your invoices automatically and enjoy the results of your new settings. The only action left is to book an invoice, and your customer will receive a totally automated and personalized email with corresponding invoice. Learn how you can set this up in the video below.

For the steps in the video to work, you must set up your job ques in the correct way. Do you need a hand in doing so, mail to