Do you want to charge your customers fixed periodic fees, but do (new) administrative challenges make you get the jitters? Just when you’ve successfully implemented an enormous optimization on one side, a new administrative frustration arises somewhere else. One by one, everything must be documented, and before you know it you spend hours on additional work for all your customers. Sounds familiar? If so, avoid frustrations and save time by automatically charge customers with periodic costs in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This blog is an update of a recent blog. In this blog, we explain step by step how to automatically charge customers with periodic costs in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Do you still use the Windows client? Read this blog post to learn how to set up recurring surcharges in your version of 3PL Dynamics.

No complex formulas or complicated procedures

Whether you are working with Dynamics NAV or the latest version of Business Central, you can charge customers directly from contracts. Without needing to document a separate file or deal with complex formulas. Whether it concerns the warehouse rent, lease of your equipment, or a management fee, in just a few clicks you add recurring surcharges to your contracts.

Get started right away

Do you want to start using recurring surcharges in your WMS or TMS Contracts immediately? Watch the video underneath and reduce your administrative burdens in no-time.

The example underneath is based on WMS Contracts. Do you want to charge periodic costs to your customers from TMS Contracts? Navigate to ‘TMS Contract List’.

More information about charging periodic costs?

Do you want to learn more about recurring surcharges? Or do you want to start working with this functionality, but can you use a little help? Mail to