When you use 3PL Dynamics, you can link your package registration to your logistic processes. That means that your WMS – or TMS – automatically keeps track of your package flow when you execute your daily logistic activities. Without any extra work. Your warehouse employees scan the incoming carriers, your colleagues in the office check the carrier that has been registered in the system and all mutations – and totals – will automatically be updated in your system. Too good to be true? Try for yourself! In just a few clicks you can link your carrier types and units to the correct package type.

Registering different types of packaging

As you may know, there is a big variety in types of packages. On the one hand, there can be a huge diversity in types of carriers and pallets. While on the other hand, the carriers can consist of different units as well. Both can be seen as packaging. For example, you can receive a pallet that is stacked with crates, which also need to be registered in your package registration. In 3PL Dynamics, this is not a problem. You can link both your carriers as well as your units to the right package flow with the module Package registration.

Set up package registration per carrier type

In your 3PL solution, package goods, carriers, and units can be distinguished. Setting up package registration for your carriers can easily be done by following the steps in the video underneath.

Link your package flow to incoming units

Besides carrier type, you can also set up units of measure in the module Package registration. When you set this up correctly, not only the carriers entering your warehouse will be registered. Any crates, bins or tanks that are on the carrier will be registered as well in case of package goods. You can set this up by following the steps underneath.

Manually add package goods to your inbound

When you have linked package registration to your carrier types and units, adding packaging to your inbound orders will be piece of cake. When you have linked the function ‘Insert Package’ to your status change, the only action you have to do in the office is to set the receipt to the next status. The packaging will be included automatically. When you haven’t integrated your package registrations in your status change, it is possible that you may need to add this manually in a receipt. You can do this quickly with the help of the instructions in the video.

Help with setting up package registration?

Do you want to start working with the module Package registration? Or do you need a hand setting it up? Mail to request@boltrics.nl. We are glad to help.