The desire for better insight and a greater level of convenience is nothing new for you. You may want an overview of what functions are launched during a certain status. Or your customer requests a weekly overview of stored and transported goods. To realize this for one task or customer is not so complicated. This will cost you approximately five minutes a week. However, what happens when all your customers expect a weekly update? Or when the number of tasks per process step continuously accumulates? How much time do you spend on managing these activities on average? And – a question of conscience – how often do you accidentally forget to run a task or report?

Job queue entries in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Using job queue entries in Business Central, you can automatically perform specific functions, code units, and reports. For example, print a PDF file or email this document. Furthermore, you can automize the generation of reports or exchange of integration messages.

Get started with job queues

Are you ready to make your work easier and to start using the convenience of job queues in your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment? Then, you can add these to your workflow in two ways: once from a report or directly from the job queue entries. How does it work? In this blog post, I explain both options step by step.

Add job queues from a report

To create job queues directly from a report, use the following steps. 

Enter tasks directly from ‘Job queue entries’

Besides adding tasks from a report, you can also enter the tasks directly from the ‘Job queue entries’.

Available standard functions in your job queues

Within the job queue entries, various functions are standardly available to automate tasks. Among these functions, function 8 is particularly useful. This function is used to restore tasks from the status ‘In Progress’ automatically to ‘Ready. Then, the tasks can automatically be executed again.

Keep track of completed tasks in ‘Log entries’

After the tasks are executed, a message is placed in ‘Log entries’. Here you can find if the task was executed successfully or any errors occurred.

The log can be found by navigating to ‘Log entries’.

The next screen directly shows the tasks and correlating status.

Start working with Job Queue Entries

Convinced about the added value of job queues in the newest version of Business Central and cannot wait to get started? But do you need a helping hand with adding the right queues? Mail to or read all ins and outs about entering job queues.