At Boltrics, we ensure that all our customers work with the latest version of D365 BC. Where are we now and what can you expect in the coming period?

In the meantime, we shared a few blog posts with the latest information about Dynamics 365 Business Central and weekly provide training packed with tips to help you use the possibilities of the new client. But otherwise, we remained fairly silent about the new release. Time for an update. Where are we now and what can you expect in the coming period?

It’s all about testing

Last year, the vast majority of our customers already worked with the latest version of Business Central around this period. This year, the planning looks slightly different. Because as we shared earlier, the new version brings two major changes. First of all, only one user interface is allowed in Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020: the modern (web) client. Furthermore, the programming language has drastically changed. This means that Boltrics, and other global Microsoft partners, must convert the complete programming code into the new language. That takes the necessary brain teasers, more preparation time, and extensive test rounds to launch a release that we support with the whole team.

Fast forward: what is the impact of the new programming language?

The new programming language has a major impact on how we program our software. You can compare it to learning a new application. It looks different, the buttons are different and everything works differently than you are used to. All data must be entered and the application must be thoroughly tested. But once you have it under control, you don’t want to go back to the old one.

#1 priority: a stable solution

In addition to the new programming language, the new release also brought some stability challenges. An absolute no-go for Boltrics. We wanted to get rid of that issue as soon as possible. After all, we want to offer you a software solution that you and your customers can rely on. Fortunately, Boltrics and Microsoft are on the same page in that respect.

Together with Microsoft experts, we have succeeded in creating a future-proof, reliable solution packed with new possibilities. We can’t wait to give your company access to the new environment.

The transition, what awaits you

In the meantime, the first customers are already working with the latest version and your company can soon expect an invite for the update. With the upcoming change from the old trusted windows client to the modern (web) client, it is important to test the new version properly. However, this is also going to require an effort from you and your users. For comparison for users who have been working with Dynamics for a while: you can compare the conversion with the transition from the “Classic” to the “Roll Tailored Client” 10 years ago.

To provide you with the best possible support, we offer various training courses, share a guideline in this blog on how to set up profiles and our support colleagues will be there for you during the update.

Would you like to reserve a seat on the Boltrics’ update train?

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