The coronavirus has shaken the entire world in just a short period of time. From the moment we first heard of the coronavirus, it took only a few weeks until it controlled all of our lives. Streets were empty, the economy was on hold and everyone had to stay at home as much as possible. Now, a few months later, most countries are slowly opening up their lockdown. Schools have opened again under strict rules, we are finally allowed to go out for a drink, and we occasionally can go to the office again. Together, we focus on what is possible instead of what isn’t. How is Boltrics handling this? And what may you expect from our support now that the measures in most countries are loosened.

The transition to remote

In the first phase of the Dutch lockdown, everyone was strictly advised to work from home. Boltrics immediately followed this advice: employees started working from home, meetings took place via Microsoft Teams, and implementation were completed remotely. The word ‘remote’ will most likely win the title ‘word of 2020’. In this phase, almost everything took place remote, with success. For example, you could still rely on our support and updates continued.

The possibility of face-to-face contact

Since June 1st, most national measures are loosened. However, like in the previous phase, the government still advices everyone to work from home as much as possible. Therefore, at Boltrics, working remotely will still be an important factor in our work.

From the 1st of June, our consultants are also allowed to visit your location when necessary. This will always take place in consultation with our consultant. Besides that, it is also possible for you to visit our office again. However, to ensure the health of our employees and yourself, we ask you to keep certain measures in mind when visiting our office:

  • A maximum of two visitors at the same time is allowed. Therefore, contact our consultant on time, so that he can make your reservation
  • At the entrance, a pillar has been placed where you can disinfect your hands
  • On the floor, a walking path has been made with arrows
  • Everyone makes his own coffee. Maybe not as welcoming, but your health is more important to us
  • Our colleagues may advise you on certain measures
  • Throughout the office, we keep 1.5 distance between each other

Learn more about our support?

Do you have a question about the new measures? Or do you want to learn more about how we deal with different situations? Mail to