For cross-docking to run like an efficient, well-oiled machine, recognizability of the goods is a must. For you as a logistics service provider, it is not per se necessary to know which goods are on which pallets at transshipment. You probably only want to be able to identify the relevant pallets and where they should be shipped to. But for your customers, traceability is of great importance.

Do you feel you are wasting time registering the necessary data? Are you losing money on stock-related costs? Do you feel you cannot meet the increasing information need of your customers? Save yourself the frustration.

A fundamental condition for success is that sufficient and correct information is spread throughout the chain. In about 30 minutes, we will show how you can easily streamline your cross docking processes, reduce the risk of errors, and save time and money.

Learn during this webinar more about how you can:

    • Indicate per item whether cross-docking can take place
    • Save on transactions and space within the warehouse
    • Significantly increase the product transit speed
    • Easily increase the efficiency
    • Save on stock-related costs

Watch our webinar:

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