Over the last years, we have depended more and more on devices in our lives. We would be unable to do our jobs without our laptops, and we’d lose our minds when we are unable to use our mobile phone for a couple of days. Therefore, we do everything we can to make sure we don’t have to miss these devices. We update our mobile phone regularly, we make sure our data is saved in the cloud, and we only want the safest servers that manage our software. Sounds smart, but do you do the same for the software that supports your logistic processes? Increase your security and flexibility with Software as a Service (SaaS). What are the benefits of SaaS? And what possibilities do you have with this solution as a logistics service provider?

Say no to the burdens and yes to the benefits

Since the update from Dynamics NAV to the more flexible Dynamics 365 Business Central, the functionalities you are used to are also offered in SaaS. As the name already foreshadows, you use the software as a service. In this way, you do not have to manage the software yourself. The same goes, for example, for Office 365. When using Office 365, you use your programs online without managing it yourself. Reliable, flexible, and always available.

Safely manage your data

First of all, is your data better protected in the cloud than on your local on-premise environment? Definitely! Microsoft uses the latest technologies, firewalls, antivirus software, and other security tools. Also, Microsoft’s data centers are heavily secured.

When you choose for Software as a Service, the management of your Business Central is completely done by a Microsoft, instead of in a Boltrics environment in Microsoft Azure. Boltrics does stay your first contact. Therefore, when there is an error in your system, you can still escalate it to us. Because of the short lines we have with Microsoft, we can quickly resolve any problems. Boltrics also stays responsible for developing the solution and all functionalities we have added together with our 160 customers.

Software that grows with you

Besides outsourcing the data management, the SaaS solution also makes it possible to update your system more frequently and with less nuisance. This makes it possible for your solution to automatically evolve to the newest version with all the new functionalities we have added for other customers.

Besides that, you can simply increase or decrease the number of users per month. For example, because of seasonal work or the corona crisis. Now you can easily scale down your users and pay less that month. It only takes one mail to scale up your users again. In this way, you are flexible and ready to grow.  

Access your software where and whenever you want

By choosing SaaS, the complete functionality of your solution is available online. Therefore, you can use it on any device that has an internet connection. In this way, you can approve your invoices while on the road or simply check the order status from home.

Switch to SaaS

Are you already a customer of Boltrics? And do you want to switch from your on-premise or IaaS solution to SaaS? That is possible! As we speak, we work hard to realize a test environment for our customers in the Microsoft SaaS environment. After you have tested your processes thoroughly, you can go live with the renewed solution.

Furthermore, Microsoft offers the opportunity to switch your on-premise license, for which you pay annually, to a SaaS license for which you pay monthly. Without needing an extra investment. Are you unsatisfied with the SaaS solution, then it is possible to switch back to your on-premise environment too. All to optimize your flexibility!

Do you want to learn more about Boltrics’ SaaS solution? Or do you want to learn how you can switch to the new environment? Mail to sales@boltrics.nl. We are glad to help you.