The logistic branch is always in motion. In the past, work may have been limited to your office but nowadays it isn’t anymore. However, you are still expected to take action at any time for your customers and clients. Approving invoices is no exception. How do you make sure your financial communication goes fluently? And how do you design your approval flow as efficiently as possible? Boltrics’ App Platform may be the solution. Using this online platform, you can take the required actions on any device and you can complete your approval flow faster.

Boltrics’ App Platform

This mobile application gives employees and logistic partners access to a selected part of the process. For example, offer customers the possibility to reserve stock themselves or use the app in combination with the web portal.

Furthermore, the app can make the warehouse processes more efficient. Without having to program a single line of code, your process can be fully configured in the app. In the designed app, your employees can, for example, scan batches or quickly do quality checks. Simply by using their smartphone.

Besides these examples, the application offers more possibilities. Users currently apply the app in different processes like their scanning process, yard management, timeslot planning and approving invoices.

App Platform applied to Finance

Next to the link to your WMS, the app can also be connected with your financial administration in Business Central. By doing so, you can approve invoices in the app. The app is designed based on existing functionalities in your system and based on the standard Dynamics workflows.

Approving invoices through the app makes it possible for you to finish your approval flow faster and for it to be available on any device. Besides the app’s user-friendly look-and-feel, you’ll need fewer steps to do the required action. Contrary to the usual Business Central environment, the invoice that needs approval is immediately on your screen when opening the app.

The app is also a solution when you regularly approve invoices for different companies. When using the app you can easily switch between different companies, without closing your entire client like is required in Business Central.

Approving invoices in the app

When you log in to the app as a user, you immediately see the invoices that require actions. In this example, invoice IF200499 is required approval.

You can design the screens yourself using scan screens. The image below shows in what way the screen above is designed in the scan screen.

When you select an invoice, you automatically send it to the approval screen of the specific invoice.

By clicking on the attachment on the screen, you can check the invoice in full screen.

In the previous approval screen, you can make use of five buttons, depending on what action you want to take for this invoice.

When the status of an invoice is changed, this is directly applied to the rest of your 3PL Dynamics solution.

The screens and workflows in the app can be configurated to fit your needs. Do you want to use our App Platform to approve invoices. Do you want to implement an automatic approval flow? Or do you want to use the app for another process? Submit a request via our customer portal and make your process more efficient.