Every month, Samsung and Apple run an update on your smartphone and Google is improving its browser and systems regularly as well. Even though you might be annoyed by the notifications for updates and click on the ‘remind me later’ button, you don’t want the performance suffering from it. Continuously postponing updates causes the safety and speed of your systems to fall behind. Besides, the moment that the update can’t be postponed always catches up to us. Most of the time at an inconvenient moment. Prevent this from happening and get aboard on the Boltrics update train.

What is the danger of legacy software? Updating software is something people aren’t too enthusiastic about. A lot of entrepreneurs think they are safe from cyberattacks with their current software. However, hackers focus on outdated software by working backwards from the update batch. Read more about the dangers of outdated software. Another danger of legacy software is that you can’t live up to the expectations of your customers and/or your employees. The world is changing fast and customers keep finding new ways to buy products online. This influences the complete supply chain, including all involved parties.

In short, software needs updates. Our software is no exception. As a user of our Boltrics solution, you want to be sure that your systems are save, free of bugs and contain the latest functionalities. Therefore, updating your applications to the newest version is important to optimize the work with your systems. No wonder that Microsoft finds updates of great importance. What is changing with the latest release and how do you benefit from the new updates?

What to expect in 2020?

First, we briefly look back on the update from NAV2018 to Dynamcis 365 BC (version 13). Then, the phasing out of the old integration architecture and the switch from ‘concurrent’ to ‘named users’ were the most challenging. Together with our customers we succeeded to update everyone to the newest version. By doing so, Boltrics lived up to the always-up-to-date promise. As the saying goes: ‘teamwork makes the dream work’.

As you may have noticed, the Microsoft train is accelerating. Until a few years ago, only one ‘major release’ has been released annually. Now, they release an update twice a year. Thanks to this increase, the safety of your system is continuously improved and the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics are regularly expanded.

The most recent ‘major release’, from October 2019, brought us Microsoft Business Central 15. The biggest change is that there is only a single user interface: the web client. Besides the benefits of faster installations and minimal hardware/software requirements, the update introduces a new look & feel. However, the windows client does no longer exist in Business Central 15.

Next stop: Business Central version 15

Boltrics has already started the implementation of the new version of Business Central. Partly because Microsoft applies the policy that a partner can only be two versions behind of the newest release, when ordering new licenses. Boltrics on the other hand, is known for its philosophy to keep all customers up-to-date, by making sure all customers work with the same version. When the next stop is closing in so quickly, how can we make sure that the Boltrics philosophy and the Microsoft policy are aligned? And what does this mean for you as a customer?

We, Boltrics, won’t click on ‘remind me later’. Soon we start the updates to the new version of Business Central. In this way, we make sure you are not getting behind and you have access to the newest functionalities.

What brings the destination of the Microsoft train?

Besides the improvements in, for example, the new look & feel, the new version contains new functionalities that can be implemented in your process. For example, it is possible to use e-fulfillment modules as orderpick assigning, travel time in orderpicking and picking per article to smoothen your process. Furthermore, it has been made easier to make bookings in time by the addition of ‘my messages’. In ‘my messages’ you receive notifications or reminders when a certain booking can be closed. Third, in the new version, you can easily keep track of your inventory with new possibilities in analyzation.

The transition

With a change as big as this, it is important to test the webclient carefully. To prepare you for the new client, Boltrics facilitates ways to increase your knowledge and know-how by organizing multiple training courses and sharing blogs and videos. All to make sure you can continue your logistic processes, but now with the improved client.

Would you like to be first in the update train? Or in the second train compartment? Mail your preference to astolk@boltrics.nl

What changes for you?

One of the promises of Boltrics is always up-to-date. Therefore, we will make sure you can always work with the newest version of Business Central. In addition to that, it is the reason why we prefer developing in the newest environment. In line with earlier updates, eventually, the support for older versions will be stopped. With the current transition, this moment could be closer than you might think due to the new programming language of business Central 15. Be prepared and make the transition to the newest version to make use of the new functionalities. Win-win.

De SaaS-solution

Finally, Dynamics D365BC is also available through SaaS. With this, the solution is fully managed by Microsoft instead of a by Boltrics hosted Microsoft Azure environment or as in the case of on-premise on a local server. This means your data is controlled by a bigger, even safer and even more reliable server. Boltrics recently gained experience with SaaS and Microsoft claims this architecture holds the future.

Are you interested in the SaaS solution? Or do you have a question about the transition to Business Central 15? Send us an email to astolk@boltrics.nl