Your customer asks for an overview of their current stock, after which your employees will be spending at least a day counting the inventory. Or a priority order needs picking but the inventory doesn’t seem to add up. Making up your inventory is not as easy as it may seem.

These days, the importance of real-time data is growing and you must keep track of a correct inventory. By doing so you won’t be surprised when a customer request or a priority order comes in. Prevent inaudibility, frustrations and especially extra costs. Make sure to check your inventory efficiently and regularly. Cycle Counting can make this happen, but what are the possibilities.

Efficiency is key

Cycle Counting makes it possible to regularly plan counts for your inventory to make sure the stock in your warehouse always is up-to-date and errors are reduced. As a result, a minimum of time is lost on recounting the inventory. Besides, the work can be divided among different employees. Employees who have time spare can start new couniting tasks. Keeping track of your inventory with Cycle Counting is a continuous process. Therefore the annual inventory of your entire warehouse isn’t required anymore. The inventory has been checked already and it is always up-to-date. In this way, you save time and especially money.

Your wish is our command

Reacting on customer wishes can be done much more easily too. When a customer request the latest status of his inventory, it will be known right away. Furthermore, a distinction can be made between fast and slow moving goods. It is possible to design the module in such a way that A is counted weekly, B is counted monthly, and C is counted annually. You can even have a different setup per customer. For example, the stock of customer X is counted weekly while costumer Y decides a monthly update is enough. In this way, it is possible to anticipate better on customer requests.

Stay out of trouble, don’t be surprised

Besides raising the efficiency and improving your service level, another advantage is that your order pickers never run out of stock again. By using Cycle Counting you minimize the number of differences between your system and the actual inventory. When Cycle Counting would not be used, the remaining stock could be incorrect and your employee would have to count the remaining products before continuing the process. As you can see, Cycle Counting keeps you and your employees from surprises and speeds up the handling to save time, energy and money.

Prevent surprises, prevent delay

Learn more about Cycle Counting

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