Downloading games from the App Store or installing the most popular apps from the Play Store: we all do it. Your IT-department also has an increasing demand for (ready-made) business applications. That’s why Microsoft recently introduced the AppSource: the destination for business apps. Including some good news: 3PL Dynamics is also available!

AppSource: your go to for business apps

AppSource is an online marketplace designed especially for web applications that work with, for example, Microsoft Dynamics and Business Central. The new platform, which has been launched in 2016, helps business users find SaaS applications and brings a one-stop shop for modules tailored to your industry needs that integrate seamlessly with the products you already use.

That’s why our specific distribution and warehousing solution can now be found on AppSource too. The 365 for Transportation has been available before, but now we added our 3PL Dynamics on this new platform as well.

3PL Dynamics continues where TMS or WMS ends

3PL Dynamics builds and relies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, improved with specific solutions for distribution and warehousing. The software automatizes the logistic processes in your warehouse and on the road, to make sure the process is efficient and flawless. Including a minimum amount of administrative activities or moving goods. Cost reducing and quality improving, that’s the first win!