In my latest e-fulfillment blog, I told you about the changing profile of your customers. This changing profile is characteristic for the changing market. Within e-commerce, there are many small articles that do not occupy an entire carrier – and thus locations – in your warehouse. That is why you need ways to optimally inform your customers and to correctly charge your services to them. So, now you have the option to measure the final storage fee per location per day.

Final storage fee per location per day

Just as with the last e-fulfillment functionality, calculating location capacity, knowledge is power applies. This new storage fee method measures the situation per occupied location at the end of the day. So to be clear, this is not dependent on the number of carriers on this location. This enlarges your options if you work with shelves or really small articles – and store multiple articles on one location. Besides, you can manage more than one price for each location size. That way, you can make a selling invoice per week, per day, based on the occupied locations of a specific customer.

How does it work?

The adjustment above is now available due to the fact that you analyze article posts per period in the new situation. This makes it possible to then calculate the final score. So, no storage fee cost posts are used here. Before, 3PL Dynamics did not offer this option, but now it does.

How do you set up the storage fee per location?

To set up the storage fee per location, you can follow the next three steps.

1. On the location type and location, you will find a new field invoicing class. This will move along with the article posts. Please note: you can only change it when it is empty.

Final storage fee per location per day

2. Next, you have a new type of number calculation on your service card, namely Periodic. Also, the check mark “no storage fee calculating applied” is added

Final storage fee per location per day

Do you want to process this calculation instantly in your WMS Contract? Create a contact detail line from the type Storage fee.

Final storage fee per location per day

3. Next, you will select a service with Number Calculation Periodic (see step 2).
Select the Number Calculation. Here, you can filter on the invoicing class and if desired other filters.
Set the period on Number Calculation and the Period time on 1D (one day).

Final storage fee per location per day

Adjust your services on your e-commerce customers

In a changing market, flexibility is the most important survival factor. Are you not able to adjust to the wishes of the customers of today and tomorrow? Then they will not become your customers. With multiple storage fee options, 3PL Dynamics provides you this flexibility. That way, you can always focus on your current customers and optimize your e-fulfillment service package. Do you want to know more? Please keep an eye out for this blog series or contact us.