Within the ocean freight sector, many companies leave a huge potential unexploited. Namely the extent to which they have embraced the digital world. But also the data that they collect and keep for themselves. How about you? Do you already (proactively) share data with your customers?

Or do you feel you’re wasting time registering the necessary data in multiple systems? Do your customers want to stay informed when which cargo arrives, in which containers and if there are any delays? But you have no idea how you can share this information with them?

In about an hour we will show how you can easily streamline the processes for handling ocean freight. In addition, we will show how you can bring ocean freight specific processes together in one solution with your customs, warehouse and transport activities. And how you can, thanks to the available data, easily optimize the customer experience.

Learn during this webinar more about how you:

  • Can benefit from the big data “gold mine” within the ocean freight industry
  • Know exactly which activities need to be executed
  • Establishes complex tariff agreements to keep track of costs
  • Save time and money with standard available integration options
  • Easy gain insight into the earnings per customer

Watch our webinar:

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