As a 3PL Dynamics user, you have a wide range of functionalities at your service. And many of these functionalities help you ease your daily tasks. At the same time we are aware that you cannot master your entire system in just one day. This goes along with time and practice. Therefore, besides our semi-annually courses, we offer workshops on request.

The difference between courses and workshops

You are already familiar with the setup of our current semi-annual courses. These take on daypart each and the content is in many cases a branch and the translation towards our solution. Think about warehousing, transport, air- and ocean freight or financial themes. Because these courses have a wide setup, you will learn global skills to help you move on in your profession. And because this total course offer together provides a general view of 3PL Dynamics, we keep on offering these on a regular basis.

Besides the periodic classical courses, you now have the option to follow workshops. These will be organized on request and thus will contain a more specific subject than the classical courses. So, you determine the knowledge area and the associated study goal and we will design a workshop. This workshop will begin with an introduction about the basic principles and -processes of the regarding knowledge area. Next, a consultant will help you and your group to work in your own system with your own study goal. The consultant will support you with practical tips and grips. This way, each student will go home with a working solution or a clear image of the possibilities.

Experience more benefits with more contestants

The setup of the workshops is fully in line with our peloton philosophy. If one customer comes up with an idea for a workshop, others are able to join this workshop. So during a popular session, you will profit from the knowledge of a consultant and your co-competitors who share the same practical experience. And here goes the rule: first come, first served. To guarantee the desired quality and attention, a maximum of six contestants applies. But you as an initiator always come first, of course. Moreover: the more contestants, the cheaper the workshop per person:

  • • 1 contestant: €540,-
  • • 2 or 3 contestants: €330,-
  • • 4 to 6 contestants: €200,-

What subjects can you think of?

As mentioned, the workshops are set up more specific than the classical courses. These can go about one specific module or one financial process. You determine your study goal and we will translate it to a workshop. Do you need inspiration? These subjects might help you:

  • • WMS- and TMS Contracts;
  • • Status templates, -functions and -steps;
  • • Warehouse strategies;
  • • Scan screens and problem analysis;
  • • Cycle Counting;
  • • Fixed assets;
  • • Approve purchase invoices.

What is it you want to become better in?

Do you have a specific skill you want to master? Do you know which tricks will make your days much easier? Please contact us and we will set up the right workshop for you. Besides, keep an eye out for our knowledge page. We will place workshop pages soon here.