When I look back in Boltrics’ blog overview, I can see that the first story we published about the Brexit already dates from June 2018. At this moment that is more than a year ago and in the meantime not much have changed. Alright, May got replaced by Johnson and recently, the House of Commons voted for a delay of the Brexit deadline. Again. So unfortunately, I cannot help you with predictions or expectations. What I can help you with, is how you can prepare for what is possibly coming. Before, we explained you how you can create an external location in 3PL Dynamics. Now, I would like to draw your attention to adjusting booking groups of your British partners. Because a hard Brexit might have consequences for your VAT bills and -returns, an ICP return for which you need to change master data and so on. Luckily, in the end this is done with just one press on the button. So whatever the deal, it is no big deal!

Adjusting booking groups of your partners in the United Kingdom

Despite the fact that we do not know where the Brexit will take the UK and us as EU-member, you can never be to certain. Therefore, walk through the steps below to limit the consequences of a hard Brexit for yourself.

Creating a template

In a recent blog, you possibly read how you can add standard values via a configuration template. Now, you can apply this knowledge to adjust booking groups of your English customers and suppliers with just one push on the button after the Brexit.

Step 1: Create a Brexit conversion template for customers and suppliers

adjusting booking groups | Boltrics

Step Two: Filter on country code. As the rest of the world never knows whether it is Great Britain or United Kingdom, pipe them both to be sure!

adjusting booking groups | Boltrics

Step 3: Select all filtered customers with only three clicks in step three.

adjusting booking groups | Boltrics

Step 4: The final step. Apply the Brexit conversion customer template, but only when (or if) UK definitely leaves the EU! By any means, take your time!

adjusting booking groups | Boltrics

And there you have it. With just one push on the button you just connected the correct booking groups to all your English partners, in case we are going towards a hard Brexit.

adjusting booking groups | Boltrics

No deal? No big deal.

While the people on the other side of the Canal (from a Dutch view, that is) are tensely waiting, we do not have to be that tensed. Because whatever the outcome, you can prepare yourself with 3PL Dynamics. Are you dealing with a similar scenario and would you like to know how you can anticipate? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to think along, to help you and your industry companions.