Almost everyone wants to do his work in his own way.
The likeable way. The fast way. The better way.

So why are you obligated to click first on Tab ‘Action’ or ‘Navigate’, when you use a specific button there more than any button in the ‘Home’ tab – the active tab when you open a page?

And why are there so many buttons on the ‘Home’ tab that you do not use?!

When you have these questions, why not customize the ribbon yourself and make things easier;

Just right click on the ribbon and select ‘Customize Ribbon’.

  • In this example I want to move button “Bank Accounts” to the ‘Home’ tab.
  • Find the button in current tab and group, and just click ‘Move Up’ to set position of this button in the ‘Home’ tab and group you want. Or create a new group or even a new tab using your own caption.

  • In this window you are also able to remove any button not in use.
    (Except the obligated ones) It will make room in the ribbon to enlarge the button you mostly need. This you can set with ‘Icon Size’.
  • Don’t be afraid to change the ribbon. Made made a mess of it? Just use ‘Restore Defaults’ button and you’re Ok.


Do you want to configure this setting for multiple profiles?
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For more information to customize the ribbon:

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