Switching phones often feels like a relieve. You get access to a better camera, everything works slightly faster than before and because of modern technologies, you can adjust your phone even better to your wishes. But to be fair: it takes a while before you know your phone like the back of your hand. The same applies after you’ve updated your software solution: you get access to new functionalities and a lot works better than before. And here too, the system changes. This leads to you having to find out exactly how it changed. For example, do you recognize the frustration when you continuously receive a warning or error after a booking in 365 Business Central? After many attempts you feel the powerlessness rising. Of course, you can always contact our support department. But you want to keep control in your own hands. Therefore, I will give you three useful finance tips after the update to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The transition from NAV to Business Central

As you might know, Business Central is Dynamic NAV’s follow-up. Together with the change of name, the new software solution has more integration options with other Office products and Power BI, for example. And of course, Microsoft has added new financial features, on which we will elaborate later in this blog. So you can get started with them right away. Currently, more than the half of our customers are working with this newest Dynamics version, so I guess it is time to inform this group (and those who soon will be running on 365BC). As said, we will get into three financial tools, namely:

  • Show more columns;
  • My messages;
  • Configuration templates.

Show more columns in Business Central

You are undoubtfully aware of the infamous unbalance when booking memorial lines. Luckily, the error that shows points into a direction. But where can you find the fields “booking date”, “document type”, “document Nr.” and “amount”? The answer is simple: just go to the ribbon and look for the button “show more columns”. Here it will become clear why it did not work at first hand. Two separate booking dates got entered, so a unbalance was created. At the moment that you set both booking dates even to the posting date, you solve your problem and you will not receive errors anymore.

My messages in Business Central

Phew, the unbalance in your memorial is gone. So go and book it and you are done. Or are you? You might recognize the message below if the previous booking year has not been closed yet. And you have many reasons not to close it at this point. Is it therefore necessary to keep on receiving the warning message from Dynamics? No, it is not. But luckily, you can set this up yourself. Via “my messages”, you can select which warnings you want to receive, and which you would rather not receive. This is convenient when you are aware of the situation, but want to limit the number of clicks.

Configuration templates for fast and correct entries of customers and suppliers

Despite the fact that this function is part of Dynamics for quite a while, it still is a useful tip to streamline your financial activities. Applying configuration templates is helpful in the following situation, which you have probably encountered a few times at your job. Recently, you had the joy of welcoming a new customer and for this customer, your department order intake wants to enter a new order. This has to happen fast, since the order should be fulfilled within a short term. And you know: there is no second chance for a first impression.

Is this department allowed to create new customer data? Or is only your accountancy department qualified to do so, regarding the necessary settings that come forward? Such as booking groups, payment terms and other important characteristics. So, is your accountancy department in this case delaying this process? Then, a standard customer template might be the solution you are searching for.

You can support your department order intake with this template. Below, it is shown how you can do this. In “configuration templates” you will see separate templates to choose from. Here, you can design standard values per field. By doing so, the one who uses the form, will not forget important data when entering a new customer.


  • Do you experience difficulties when creating a template? Do not make it hard on yourself. You can safe a template from an existing customer.
  • Did you choose the wrong template? No worries. You can add the right template from the customer card.
  • Use the button “Create instancy” to add a new record to the template.

Do you also want to enjoy of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central?

As said before, more than the half of our customers is running on Business Central. Do you also want to make use of the latest software? Make an appointment and we will do the update for you.in en wij voeren de update voor u uit.