On a regular basis, we organize webinars to share market trends and demonstrate the capabilities of our software. For example, David van der Horst shared the latest possibilities of our EDI integration and Daphne Tollenaar showed the ease of use and the advantages of Power BI.

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Webinar: Streamline your warehouse processes and save time yourself

During our webinar, we share how you can tackle productivity problems in the logistics process. From the pre-notification of goods to invoicing. We also show the latest product developments within our WMS solution with which you can take the next step in digitization.


Webinar: Eliminate tight margins and visualize your profits

In 30 minutes we share how a complex transportation planning becomes a piece of cake and how to stay in control of your margins. We show how you can create orders, compile trips and generate invoices from one system. But also how you can easily set tariff agreements, how an intuitive, graphical plan board shows you exactly where your resources are located and how you can easily optimize the customer experience with a little help of data.


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Webinar: Streamline your ocean freight processes. Exploit the data gold mine

In less than an hour we will show how you can easily streamline the processes for handling ocean freight. In addition, we will show how you can bring ocean freight specific processes together in one solution with your customs, warehouse and transport activities. And how you can, thanks to the available data, easily optimize the customer experience.


Webinar: Simplify your customs process with one integrated solution

Ronald Motz explains in 20 minutes how you can simplify your customs processes by using one integrated solution. We show, for example, how you can generate declarations automatically, link them to your receipt and shipment documents, and electronically exchange information with customs with only one mouse click.


Webinar: Optimize your air freight specific processes with Boltrics

In 30 minutes, we explain how to easily support air freight processes. For the full range from door to door. In addition, we share the latest product developments within our air freight solution that will enable you to take the next step in digitization.


Webinar: Don’t lose any business with the latest EDI technology

During this webinar, we share the latest EDI capabilities within 3PL/Nekovri Dynamics in 15 minutes. We’re showing how the integration of EDI with your WMS system ensures a seamless flow of information, enables a more efficient collaboration with your customers. Regardless of the system they use.


Webinar: Transform your KPI’s into visual reports with Power BI

In only 30 minutes, we’ll share the possibilities of Power BI within 3PL and Nekovri Dynamics. We will share some ins & outs, and I will show how you can use our predefined Power BI datasets and reports to create rich analyzes and clear, visual reports. These data sets and reports are fully aligned with the needs of logistics service providers and provide decision makers at all levels with insight into relevant information. Anytime, anyplace and via any device. This will help you to better manage your goals for the future.