As you might know, Boltrics promises to keep all customers always up-to-date. Last September, 95% of our customers was already using the (by then) latest Dynamics edition. Currently, 47 customers already work with Dynamics 365 Business Central. So they are already working with the latest software version and we are working hard to realize this for all our other customers. Besides that, Microsoft regularly releases updates. To make it all clear for you we explain in this message what this all contains, what you can expect from Boltrics and what this means for your organization.


What are Microsoft’s plans?

To limit the impact of updates, Microsoft raised the update frequency to two per year. As an example, not too long ago this was once per year and before that even per two or four years. This means that Microsoft releases new updates in spring and autumn. For this, they created the roadmap below. In here two aspects stand out: the October release only supports the Web client and the programming language changes. Concluding, in the future support on both the Windows client and C/AL will be canceled. That being said, you will still have the options to run your solution on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid. How does this all relate to Boltrics’ updates?

Microsoft Business Central Roadmap

What is Boltrics focusing on right now?

Microsoft’s updates are not the same as the ones from Boltrics. For the time being, we will execute one Platform update per year and thus will not follow Microsoft’s semi-annual releases. You probably know that Boltrics currently focuses on the updates from Dynamics NAV 2018 to Dynamics 365 Business Central. We strive to updating all of our customers to the latest version, something that is unique for Microsoft partners in the Netherlands. Regarding to this update, we explained that – besides the changing name – there is not much difference between these editions, except the improved web client- and SaaS-possibilities. Concluding, our customers still work the same after this update. Despite the client they are using.

What follows next?

For now, the transmission to Dynamics 365 Business Central has the highest priority. When all of our customers have successfully been updated to this newest Dynamics version, we will move on with the next step. At that moment we will shift our focus to the transition from C/AL to AL; thus changing the programming language. Next, we will decide which Microsoft update we will follow. That is the time when it will be clear whether this update supports your Windows client or not. If this is clear, we will notify you well on time, so you exactly know what to expect.

How can you prepare yourself?

As mentioned before, Microsoft raises the update-pace to limit the impact of their updates. This increases the need to keep all of our customers up-to-date. Especially now. Microsoft is moving at high speed and only if we – the entire Boltrics peloton – are in the front, we can assume that together we will make the coming release suitable for logistics service providers. So does Boltrics release an update? Be the first to sign in and we will keep your software solution future-proof. Have you not planned the transition towards Dynamics 365 Business Central? Please contact our update team to stay in the front.