For most people, summer is their favorite season. In general, the weather is nice, people are happy and children are free from school. And when children are on holiday, their parents usually take some time off as well. This is the reason why companies do not see summer as their favorite season. Many employees are on holiday and the same goes for customers. In short: it sometimes feels as if everything stands still for a while. But for you as a logistic service providers, standing still is almost non-existent. Even so, many colleagues take some time off. Maybe you too. How do you keep everything going on while you are away for a few weeks? Do the homestayers exactly know what to do? In this blog, you find a few tips for your summer transition.

Take your time for the summer transition and train your colleagues

A good start is half the work. So take your time to train the home staying colleagues when transferring your tasks. This way you limit trouble during your absence and you realize knowledge retention in the organization. And also quite important: your phone stays quiet while you are laying on the beach. By doing so, you help your colleague and your company in the long term. If you pass on some useful tricks such as keyboard shortcuts, you might offer this colleague the option to enjoy the nice weather a bit earlier. Or do you want to entirely execute the chance of questions during your holiday? Then document your processes via the Step recorder. Your colleagues can consult these steps at any time.

Limit the risk of accidents during your absence

Especially during summer time, there is a chance of accidents in warehouses. Because of the heat, warehouse employees can lose their focus and stray from their thoughts. Hereby, a stand or a forklift is easily overseen. That is why a safe warehouse is crucial. Not only during summer time, but of course in other seasons as well. Another practical point of attention is the company first aid provider. In most countries (and warehouses), at least one should be present during working hours. But what if that person is off from work? Then, make sure that a well-trained backup is there and create a safe working environment for the homestayers.

Keep your premises safe and cool

    During a hot summer, a safe work environment goes hand in hand with a cool work environment. Our customers in cold storages will not have many heat issues, but e.g. the order pickers of dry goods are risking overheating when they are working under a big flat roof. Therefore, try to cool down your roof and make sure you have plenty of water for your employees.

Automate processes before or during the summer transmission

Still, the largest area of potential for logistics service providers lies in digitizing and automating their processes. Especially within road transportation this is the case. If it turns out that you do have some spare time during the summer, you can think about automating repeating processes. For example, by running your invoices at night, so they are ready at the start of the next day. Or maybe you can – together with your colleague – personalize invoices, to then automatically send them to customers. Are you afraid that your colleague might forget some tasks? With the help of user tasks, the system will remind him his “to-do list”. Pretty useful when you are not there to do it.

Anticipate and develop the problem solving ability

Unfortunately, a problem does occur while you are away. Your system gives an error or something in the solution seems broken. How can you prepare your colleague for this? Luckily, your colleague has some grip with this roadmap if an error occurs. No reason to panic, at least. Does he not succeed to solve the problem. Still no need to panic: even in the summer our support colleagues are ready to help.

Boltrics’ summer

As mentioned just now, support is present during the summer to help you with functionalities that worked yesterday, but not anymore today. Naturally, the updates to Dynamics 365 Business Central are continuing in this period. Did you not plan your update moment and do you expect a quiet summer? Then it is recommended to combine these two aspects and plan your update moment. By doing this, you can get started with an optimal functioning software tool when busier times appear.