We all want to be as productive as possible on a working day. You, me, everybody. Therefore it is convenient if a working day can be undisturbedly continued. This is why for many people a periodic visit to the dentist feels like a burden. These kind of visits interfere your rhythm and are their timing is never welcome. Besides, I (and maybe you too) walk out the door with more irritations than when I came in. A similar feeling comes forward if you update your software solution to the latest version. It feels like an obligation that takes your operation out of its normal rhythm and moreover new issues come to the light. But just as with your teeth at a dentist visit, here goes: keeping up software is better than curing it.

Periodic dentist visits prevent toothache

No matter how annoying a dentist visit might feel, it is really important. While you are laying in the chair, the educated crafts(wo)man thoroughly checks your teeth. Even if you feel like nothing is wrong beforehand, a lot gets fixed for you. For example, the dentist checks your gums, detects future holes and removes tartar. Three standard procedures that often cause more pain than they prevent. At least, at first sight. Because in the long term they save you much bigger complaints. In other words: the periodic check-up might cause short discomfort, but you can move on for months.

Keeping up software prevents headache

Of course, I wish all the best for your health. But Boltrics is not there to help you with your teeth. No, we specialize in software for logistics service providers. And us too plea – just like the dentist – for periodic check-ups. We do this in the shape of software updates. And in stead of toothache, these updates mostly prevent headache. Nevertheless, here too you might feel that nothing is wrong before the update. Your organization runs smoothly, the software supports everything that needs support and your customers are satisfied. Why would you temporarily shut down your operation, to endure new problems afterwards? Why would you take a risk on bugs, not functioning workflows and unsatisfied customers? The answer: to stay future-proof. Namely, a software update also updates the security of your software, it makes your solution run faster and it adds new functionalities. This all contributes to make your software suitable and functionable for the future, so you can maintain long term relationships with your customers.

Misconceptions about legacy software

Legacy software goes along with multiple risks. Still, for many users it feels safer to hold on to what works now. This and other misconceptions about legacy software, is what you can find in this blog.

Plan your appointment on a smart moment for minimal impact

Luckily, the dentist offers the possibility to make an appointment. This gives you the option to book an appointment early in the morning or at the end of your working day. As a result, you do not interrupt your working day and you stay as productive as possible. Coincidentally, we offer the same regarding our software updates. You have the possibility to choose a desired time slot and limit the disturbance of the update. It is even possible at night, when your processes are down and your customers do not expect (a lot) from you.

Have you not planned an update yet?

The metaphor in this blog actually tells us one thing: regular updates and adjustments keep the research object healthy in the long term. This goes for your teeth at the dentist, your car at the garage and your software solution at your supplier. So have you not planned an appointment for the current update patch yet? Prevent headache and contact our update department. They are happy to help you with your teeth holes. Zij werken de gaatjes wel weg voor u.