Recently Cool Point B.V is founded in Poeldijk, the heart of the Dutch (AGF) sector. This happened with the intention to provide cooling storage services and to carry out 3PL activities. With their automated mobile racking system and VNA trucks to utilize their pallet handling, they also wanted to make the work processes at Cool Point run smoothly. Thus, they were looking for a suitable WMS. After some searching and careful assessment, the newly established company ended up at Boltrics. They could support the wishes of the young company with their software solution.

When transporting fruit, insight into data is necessary

The core activity of the organization is to provide 3PL activities and provide the most value at one place. When transporting fruit, it makes sense that clear data is essential. Which harvest does it come from, what is the quality of the harvest and which route did it take? Boltrics’ WMS offers these options as standard. In combination with the RF scanning module, real-time information is always possible. And therefore for the customers as well. Cool Point is off to a good start this way. The brand new warehouse has just finished and combined with the software solution, they are completely future-proof.

Abdel Gabr: “We are proud of our brand new warehouse and the foundation of Cool Point. We took a big step towards the future with it. We were looking for a solution that connects effortlessly to our processes and that the end users could use without any difficulties. The work processes may be simple, but must be executed without any errors. Boltrics’ WMS, where scanning options are smoothly integrated, makes this possible for us. The flexibility and degree of thinking along with us during this project, immediately gave us a positive feeling for what is to come.”