Logistics service provider Nedcargo addresses their challenges in the field of IT and selects Boltrics branch software in the cloud to support their entire logistics operation. A solution that will give them continuous access to the latest technology, allows them to easily share data between locations and respond even better to customer requests.

Looking to the future

That Nedcargo doesn’t stand idly is clear. The logistics service provider was one of the first to introduce the conjuncture surcharge last year, opted for a brand-new warehouse in Belgium and made substantial investments to drastically reduce their ecological footprint. The organization continuously monitors how they can improve their services without wasting the environment, time, money and talent.

With such a clear view on how to build a better future, it quickly became apparent that the combination of different software systems is no longer the right solution to achieve their objectives. Most of their systems are outdated and updating these seem impossible. After all, the ever-increasing speed at which technology advances is inevitable and customers’ demands are constantly changing. It will be a continues game of playing catch-up.

In other words, time for change and, in the case of Nedcargo, a new logistics software solution that can support their processes as optimally as possible, use the latest technology and keep up with the times. That quickly brought them to the software solution of Boltrics during their search.

Jurgen Mook, COO at Nedcargo Logistics Benelux: “At Nedcargo, we continuously work to create a smarter logistics chain and to reduce our ecological footprint. It is therefore important that we can quickly adopt new technologies, and that locations and countries can easily work together. Then you do not want to be inhibited by the limitations of an outdated system. Thanks to Boltrics’ software solution, we will no longer be bothered about that soon and start benefiting from Microsoft’s ‘execution power’. By placing the solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud, we can unburden our IT department. This will free up time for more and other innovation projects.”

The entire operation working from the cloud

Els Niessen, Supply Chain Manager ICT at Nedcargo: “We already knew Boltrics, so when it turned out that the need greatly increased for a solution that could offer maximum flexibility and at the same time constantly fall in line with updates and upgrades, it was an easy call to make. With the software from Boltrics, we get the possibility to host our total service in one system. From the processes in the warehouse to transport, freight forwarding, customs, and excise duties. And all that hosted from the cloud.”

The implementation will be phased in gradually over the next year and a half, with the seven sites being added one at a time. Nedcargo has opted to add a central layer above the various sites. In practice, this means that master data is managed centrally, double input can be prevented and customers are informed more quickly and more comprehensively.

Els Niessen continues: ”In addition, to ensure that we can optimize the logistical movements, Boltrics expands the WMS’s possibilities with X/Y/Z-coordinates. Making it easier to move efficiently through the warehouse.”

Jan-Cornell van Ekris, Commercieel Director at Boltrics: “From the moment Nedcargo approached us, the contact was very pleasant. They know exactly what they want to realize, think outside the box and work passionately on the health of their company. We are pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of Nedcargo and their drive to keep innovating. Needless to mention that we are as proud as a peacock that they have chosen for Boltrics and will use our cloud solution with their entire company.”