Nowadays, the majority of logistics service providers work digitally. The same applies to their clients. Many of them have even already booked the automation process. This applies to processes and, for example, communication. In most cases, this automation works through EDI. Practically everyone has heard about it, but many do not know where to start. Nevertheless, many of your (potential) customers expect you to make EDI integrations available. How does EDI help you to move on and where to start? In a series of a few blogs I, together with my colleagues from the data integration team, want to explain more about EDI. Every subsequent blog will delve deeper into the matter, but we will now start from the beginning: how can you easily apply EDI in your logistics organization?

The benefits of EDI in logistics

Earlier, we explained that you can achieve a huge efficiency boost with the use of EDI. The integration of EDI ensures that you create a seamless flow of information and a smoother collaboration between your internal and external systems. In short, EDI saves you time, and costs and prevents errors by automating repetitive tasks. Even, or even if both parties work with a different system. At this time, it is already two years ago we published this blog. Nowadays you can no longer ignore EDI. All medium-sized companies (including potential customers) work with automatic data exchange and if you do not, you will be left out. So where using EDI used to be a nice extra, it is now a necessity. But how can you make the switch to EDI?

Realize EDI integrations with the DataHub

Do you want to achieve the above easily and efficiently? Then Boltrics’ DataHub is the EDI solution you are looking for. With this, you have all the knowledge and technology in-house in one go with little time investment. And all this at a low monthly fee, which you can flexibly scale up and down. “What is a DataHub?”, I hear you think. The DataHub is a platform that provides bi-directional (two-way) communication between different systems. This applies to both your internal systems and those of external parties. Moreover, the previously mentioned EDI integration has already been successfully realized. The systems therefore understand each other.

A platform that benefits everyone

However, our platform is not just a platform. This EDI solution is also a branch solution with “collective customization”. Namely, by reusing functionalities there is a constant optimization of the system. As a result, errors only have to be solved once. In addition, new opportunities are constantly being added and are available to all affiliated customers. Without having to reprogram. Everything on one common platform, for everyone.

What benefits does the DataHub offer you?

Exactly tailored to your WMS, TMS, or Forwarding system

First of all, the DataHub is exclusively for and by Boltrics customers. This gives you the full attention you need. Our focus is on perfect collaboration between the DataHub and 3PL Dynamics. All decorated streams can therefore be viewed and configured within your own environment, such as the image below.

EDI integraties | Boltrics

Links with many external parties, in all languages

Subsequently, there are many connections with external parties. This is done on a very broad spectrum of possibilities, such as FTP, AS2, Mail, Web Requests, and so on. You can also directly link with partners and parties that are already connected to the DataHub. Whatever language you speak; XML, CSV, X12, Edifact or a similar language. This allows you to benefit from developments and collaborations from the entire industry.

No unexpected costs and only pay for what you use

Also, Boltrics uses a clear and attractive pricing model. This is based on a subscription form, which is scalable and modular. Are you going to use less? Then simply go one step down in the bundle. Are you expecting more messages this coming month? In that case it is advisable that you go up one step. This way you will not receive any hidden or unexpected costs and all mapping costs are included. Fixed price, just as your are used to from us.

Your data in a safe environment with logistical connections that are useful to you

Finally, I would like to mention two more benefits for you. First, our DataHub runs in the secure environment of Microsoft Azure, an environment in which one billion has been invested in data security. So, the DataHub is cloud-based and can therefore be installed in no time. If, in addition to the DataHub itself, you immediately need new EDI integrations (which are not installed yet), you will have the Integration Team at your disposal. Together with you, we think carefully about your processes and what they require. That way, you may not immediately get what you asked for, but you will always get what you need.

Discover everything about the DataHub

Hopefully, you now have a little more insight into what our DataHub is and how it enables the use of EDI in your organization. For more technological content and in-depth information, I recommend keeping an eye on our blogs. Or can you not wait now and do you require more information? Let us know!