Do you find yourself counting the number of fields on the screen? Or scrolling down a page full data trying to find a particular subject? Well, then it’s time to improve your own performance and discover the ease of use of keyboard shortcuts.

For example, when you want to calculate the number of fields on a screen. You can easily export the required fields from Dynamics NAV to Excel simply by using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + E”. Within Excel, you only need two mouse clicks to calculate the number of fields. This step can save you an enormous amount of time. Still there are many more keyboard shortcuts available that can make your (digital) work easier.

When you are using Microsoft Office you are probably aware of the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • CTRL + C: To copy
  • CTRL + V: To paste
  • CTRL + A: Select
  • CTRL + P: Direct Print
  • CTRL + F: Search on page
  • ALT + TAB: Switching between programs and tabs
  • Windowstoets + D: Go to desktop

*On the website of Microsoft you can find more useful keyboard shortcuts.

But did you know there are specific Dynamics NAV keyboard shortcuts? For example:

  • CTRL + Delete: Deleting records
  • CTRL + D: Go to Detail lines
  • CTRL + E: Export to Excel
  • CTRL + F3: Search in the whole program
  • F4: Drop-down fieldoptions
  • F5: Renew page
  • F8: Copy the field above
  • Tab: Move to the next field on non-line FastTabs
  • ESC: Close the window or undo the data entry


The power of combining

The power of keyboard shortcuts is the combination. For example, use the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + F3” to search within Dynamics NAV. Then create a new inbound with the shortcut “CTRL + N”. By pressing “F4”, the drop-down menu opens and you can search for a specific customer based on a number or letter. With “Enter” and “Tab”, you work through the document until you need to fill the detail line(s). Do you scan your inbound documents so you have them digital? Then switch with the ‘’ALT + TAB’’ key combination between the scanned inbound and Dynamics NAV. With this combination you can quickly enter data in Dynamics NAV.

Is the line full and do you want to fill the detail rules? Navigate with “CTRL + D” directly to the detailed rules. To create the detailed rules, you can instantly book by pressing “F9.” Press “F5” to check if the page has been refreshed. Then navigate with the “ESC button” to the wrapping document and close the tab again by pressing the “ESC button”. If you filled in the document line and you are ready to fill the detail lines, then press ‘’CTRL + D’’. This keyboard shortcut will navigate you to the detail lines.
Press “F9” to book these lines? Renew the page with the keyboard shortcut ‘’F5’’, allowing you to verify if the booking was successful. With tapping the button ‘’ESC’’ twice you will close the inbound document.

Practice makes perfect

Make yourself comfortable and copy the above tables (CTRL + C) to Word, print (CTRL + P) and hang them next to your screen. This way you always have a reminder.

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