Today, companies are changing faster than ever. This is because the world around us is also changing rapidly. In most cases this is because of technological developments. For example, since the internet information is all around us, which results in your target group getting better informed and a changing role of professional organizations. Processes are also regularly streamlined and new functions are created or in other cases discontinued. As a result, you welcome new colleagues while other colleagues leave. In addition, more and more people no longer work in the office as standard, but at home, on the road or in a flexible workspace. In short, organizations are dynamic. The system that serves as the core of the work activities should optimally support this dynamic environment. With these insights Microsoft developed a solution that is even more focused on flexibility, namely Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC). This successor to Microsoft Dynamics NAV has, besides flexibility, a couple of other advantages. You can find these in this week’s blog.

Modern, but familiar

When something changes name, you may expect major changes. In practice, this is not the case with the transition from NAV to D365BC. It is in fact Dynamics NAV 2019. The system retains the familiar Office look & feel. The software is still available as a cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution. But it does not end there.

What is new about D365BC is the possibility to offer the Software as a Service, a SaaS solution. With such a solution, the users access the system via the internet and maintenance, service and support is fully outsourced. This extra possibility is in line with the aforementioned changing organizations. Because the system is now more able than ever to grow (or shrink) along with the company.

Always and everywhere accessible

Because the solution is available as a web client, this significantly increases the accessibility. Whether users are working outside the office, at home, on the road or anywhere else: they can always access the system via the browser. You do not want to depend on your current location to request the desired information. For instance, you also check your e-mail at any time at any place, right? Also, you do not want to depend on the device you are working with. Do you not have your laptop at hand? Then easily access your WMS, TMS or Forwarding system via your smartphone or tablet. With this flexibility you do not need to adapt to the system, Dynamics 365 Business Central aligns itself with you.

Better integration with your Office (365) programs

Another benefit of Dynamics 365 Business Central is the alignment between the system and the other Office products. Integration with Word, Outlook and Excel already applied in Dynamics NAV. What’s new in D365BC is the possibility to instantly export to PowerPoint and the connection with Outlook has been significantly improved. For example, contact data from the e-mail program is directly synchronized with D365BC. Actions related to these contacts are processed in both systems. This limits fragmented information sources and saves heavily in manual registrations. You can also edit documents directly from Outlook, such as drawing up quotations from calendar items. So no matter how you prefer to work, the coordination between the programs ensures that everyone sees the same information.

Use data even better than before

The coordination between systems also becomes very clear in the way D365BC is constructed. The system stores information from all connected applications centrally, in Common Data Service (CDS) in the cloud. This means that all data can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Besides, this way the data is applicable in multiple ways. Thanks to a seamless integration with Microsoft Power BI, full data analyses are now even more possible, since they are less dependent on where the data was entered. The same applies automatically for the dashboards and reports that Boltrics developed specifically for logistics service providers.

Boltrics’ Nekovri- and 3PL Dynamics upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Because we keep all our customer always up-to-date with the latest Microsoft technology, this will not be different in this case. For new customers, we standard implement Dynamics 365 Business Central. Existing customers will upgrade to the new Dynamics version this year – like you are use to from us. This way everyone benefits from the new features D365BC brings along.