With the release of Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft brings the full power of Dynamics NAV to a more flexible platform. Whereas Dynamics NAV currently supports around 200,000 customers and millions of users as one of the leading Microsoft business applications, Business Central goes a step further. In Business Central, the functionalities of NAV are now also offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). This makes it an extremely flexible solution. As a long-standing partner, Boltrics is enthusiastically involved in this development. What does Business Central mean and what are the benefits for your company? We share that and more below.

New, but familiar look & feel

In fact, Dynamics 365 Business Central does not differ from Dynamics NAV. This way, the solution keeps the familiar Office look & feel. Also, the solution is – like you are used to – directly integrated with your other Office products, but with Business Central this goes even smoother. The biggest difference is how the solution can be consulted. Microsoft is fully committed to flexibility and has ensured that the entire Business Central functionalities are available in the web client and as a SaaS solution. This means that users do not have to be in the office behind their desk, but can also consult their WMS, TMS or other system on the road. In time, Microsoft will even completely replace the Windows (desktop) client with the web client. You may ask yourself: why does Microsoft take such a strong stance on this course?

Dynamics 365 Business Central in short

Microsoft noticed that organizations are changeable, as are markets and technologies. This created the desire to develop a more flexible solution, in which the depth is not compromised. The idea for a pure web client with SaaS possibilities arose in this way and Microsoft focused on three points with this development:

Integrated working

The coordination of Dynamics 365 on different applications ensures that there is less fragmentation in an organization. Everyone within the organization can work together live in the same data and this is where you as a user will gain a lot. By having access to the same (live) data, the possibilities for smart data analyzes are increased simultaneously, on which we will elaborate later.


The SaaS platform makes it easy to scale up Dynamics 365 Business Central. Does your company grow bigger or your processes become more complex? Expansion is done in no time and you will be where you want to be in a heartbeat. For example, users do not experience any hindrance from the system; it will always support the processes correctly. Where the company grows, the system grows along. Microsoft also continuously develops Business Central itself, making monthly updates the standard. So you do not have to wait six months for improvements.

Data is the new gold

Microsoft makes it no secret that data, Business- and Artificial Intelligence are the biggest pillars for them. The intelligence in Dynamics 365 Business Central means that Microsoft’s BI-tool, Power BI, is strongly integrated in the application. This tool, which came out as number one analytics tool of Gartner’s Quadrant for the past 10 years, shows your data in clear reports and dashboards. With Boltrics’ specific KPIs for logistics service providers you all the most important data in sight. This way you can make an informed decision at a glance. By keeping all data central, these possibilities become even greater.

Optimize the productivity

Easily connect your logistics processes with data from Office 365 and LinkedIn and use familiar tools such as Outlook, Excel and Power BI to easily increase user-friendliness and productivity.

Which functionalities does Business Central offer?

As mentioned before, Business Central does not differ from Dynamics NAV. All functionalities that you (probably) are accustomed to with your current Dynamics are also included in Business Central. Think about finance, project and operations management and some customer management. Boltrics then ensures that the functionalities specifically for logistics service providers will be in the solution. So this platform remains the branch standard for logistics service providers.

Always and everywhere to use

The complete functionality of Business Central is available as a web client. This means that it runs via an internet browser, making it usable on all your mobile devices with an internet connection. Are you at your desk behind your PC? No problem, you can access all data from your smartphone or tablet. So you do not have to call back and forth with the office to provide your customers with information. Of course, Boltrics will configure the system together with you so that the processes are supported in the right way.

Works with any operating system

The other advantage is that the software does not require a long installation. This applies to both the initial installation and the periodic updates. Because you consult the web client via the browser, the operating system of your device is irrelevant. Whether you are using Windows 7, 8, 10, iOS, Android or any other OS, your system will work like it should. Where the desktop client sets new requirements for your operating system with every update, this will no longer be the case with the web version. Installations and updates are therefore done faster and at lower costs.

With the power of Microsoft ahead

The course that Microsoft sets with this new way of working corresponds perfectly with the current zeitgeist. By putting data at the center, smart work becomes accessible to everyone. As an end user, you can take great steps with your organization. No matter how big these steps are, the flexible solution will take them with you.