This functionality is available for everyone.

The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is something you see almost every day as a logistics service providers. And if you do not see them, your colleagues in the warehouse or on the semis will. Despite that these labels might not seem special to you, they are on the basis of the functioning of your organization. And therefore they are indispensable. For you, but also for your customers. This is why there are numerous of examples where customers request for a personal SSCC number series, so their administration will become clearer. Do you receive these requests as well from your customers? Then read along and find out how you can set up these series yourself.

Set up a SSCC number series on customer level

Below, you can find the 5-step plan to succesfully set up a SSCC number series for one specific customer. Do you prefer to watch a short how-to video? You can find it at the bottom of this blog.

1.Go to the relevant customer and at ‘Warehouse’ you can see the field‘NVE/SSCC-18 nrs.’

2.Press ‘new’. The page  ‘No. series’ opens.

3.Create a new number series for the customer

A code with a description is sufficient for now.

4.Go to “lines” for the following settings

5.Fill in the required data, but keep the following in mind

The starting date could be today, for example.

Starting number:

  • The first 10 digits are set, you received these from your customer.
  • The number series should consist of 17 digits (including the given 10). The system will add an 18th digit. This is a check digit, which does not show in the eventual number series.
  • The ending number could be: 12345678909999999.
  • Warning can be around 1o to 20 numbers before the ending number.
  • Last used No. is equal to the starting number,
  • Default numbering should be checked.

Everything is all set, ready for testing

If you create a goods in order for this specific customer, you will see that the set SSCC number is now active. Now you can meet your customers’ demands even better en at the same time make your own administration clearer. Did this 5-step plan not work for you? You may succeed with the video below. Does that not work either? Our consultants are happy to help.