Your customer entered a request to deliver a batch. With the Dynamics Phone App, your customer has a direct connection to your database and noticed that the requested goods are in stock. Dynamics Phone App

You already created a document for the shipment and booking of the goods. But the scanners in your warehouse are confronted with ‘out of stock’ error messages. The system has no carriers available of the selected stock;

Dynamics NAV - Carrier assignment

Of course, you can check the content list per assignment filter to see if something is wrong, for example the condition of the article. But, sometimes you just can’t find the problem (immediately) and you reach out to our support department for assistance.
Often the carrier is only temporarily blocked by another process – causing the error. For example, via a warehouse diary or a warehouse activity. The software records this action at carrier content within the fields “Qty. assigned …”. You can unlock/make the columns available via the list view or you can retrieve the information for each carrier via CTRL-ALT-WIN-F1 (for more convenient shortcuts, read this blog).

Dynamics NAV - carrier content

As soon as the column is available again, a single mouse click on the quantity will be enough to gain insight why the carrier is marked as reserved.

Dynamics NAV - blocked carrier


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