Our land is not that big, but in many fields the Dutch belong to the top of the world. For example, our economy is one of the best and we belong to the happiest people on the planet. We are known for our knowledge and technology centers, which results in winning the World Solar Challenge almost every year. This advanced technology is of course one-on-one related to our steady economy. But still, this does not apply to the transportation companies in our country. A TomTom Telemations study showed that together with Poland and Spain, Dutch transportation companies digitize the least within Europe. And this lack of digitization results in missing expensive revenue.

Technological developments within logistics

Computers that can think for themselves. Warehouses filled with robots that can order pick without collapsing into each other. A few years ago, things like these were only shown in sci-fi movies. Nowadays, it is reality in our own world. And one thing is certain: it does not end here. Huge logistics companies keep on innovating to expand their competitive advantage. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are gaining importance day by day and are being used on a huge scale. Also, robotization is almost standard in big new warehouses. Although these are highly advanced technologies, they exist from two core principles: digitization and automation.


The first step of streamlining logistic processes is digitization. In simple words: from paper to computers. From folders to hard drives. Are you still doing quality checks with pencil and paper? Checking boxes one at a time? Then you know that this takes some significant time. Because what happens next? Maybe making a copy of the checklist or filling in the data in Excel. You might even put it in a big dossier, with the risk of losing the sheet. By digitizing only this process with the use of barcodes and (HTML 5) scanners, you will skip a few steps. And this is only one of the many examples why digitization makes your work faster, clearer and more secure.


Automation begins where digitization ends. It is the movement from doing things yourself to outsourcing it to a system. To paint a clearer picture you will get a new example. Your driver arrives at a customer. Next, he calls the office to let them know he arrived. The office employee goes into the system – since you already digitized – to look for the order list. Is everything delivered? Then it is time to create, check and send the invoice to the customer. This sounds like a smooth process, right? But what if a driver uses a mobile application to confirm his delivery? And that EDI makes sure that a pre-configurated contract is correctly created in your system and gets sent to your customer? Then, your process is automated from order to invoicing.

Always up-to-date Microsoft technology

So, the big players in market are innovating, digitizing and automating. And who knows what else? How can you keep up with organizations like these? By profiting of the power of world’s largest Tech companies, for example. Microsoft goes all in when it comes to the latest technologies and innovation. And this they instantly pass on to the users of their software. Including the users of 3PL- and Nevovri Dynamics. Combine this with Boltrics’ philosophy, where all customers use the same code base, and it results in you having access to the latest functionalities at all times. No matter how big your organization is. With Boltrics’ solution your relevance is guaranteed.

Digitization and automation, where to begin?

At this moment, there are three possible scenarios:

1. You are already practicing the beforementioned.
2. You are not practicing the beforementioned and you are not planning to.
3. You are not practicing the beforementioned and you are possibly planning to.

To each his own, of course. Does scenario 3 apply to you? Then it is likely you do not know where to begin. This is something we can help you with. If you are in the Netherlands on 7 & 8 November, meet us at ICT & Logistiek in the Jaarbeurs. Besides interesting fare information about Connected Logistics, we can personally tell you how we can help you and your company. Or just contact us, so we can arrange a meeting. Digitize and automate today, because tomorrow it might be too late.