Besides registering orders and stock, many logistics service providers also need to fulfil and register quality checks. What is the temperature in the truck, for example? Did anything fall during the ride? Are the lights still working and are the pallets in a decent state? This needs to be done, so traceability is possible to batch-, carrier-, or sometimes even to article level. And you know: traceability is necessary to guarantee quality. Therefore, many clients are very strict when it comes to traceability and quality. And you are all about delivering optimal service.

Cumbersome procedures

In many warehouses, these quality checks are still registered on a paper sheet. The (un)loaders are checking boxes on a clipboard with a pencil, or filling in values such as degrees Celsius. Why are they still doing this with pen and paper? Firstly, in most cases it concerns a significant number of check points. Secondly, because it is not always easier to do it with a scanner. Keyboards are really small and especially in a cold store the gloves or cold hands do not improve the fine motor skills.
These quality checks then need to be copied manually in Microsoft Dynamics’ document attribute sets, or in any other WMS used. Also, do not forget to take pictures. Your customers or clients demand proof. This can help you as well, by the way. These pictures need to be transferred from the camera to the order or the ride. You might feel it coming: this entire process can go a lot faster.

From pen and paper to Boltrics’ classic scan solution

This is why our products Nekovri– and 3PL Dynamics offer a scan solution via a Telnet-connection for years now. This is a very stable technique, combined with a huge variety of standard functionalities. Therefore, we can create trustable and flexible processes over and over. The users of this function can easily and efficient register data concerning goods in-, goods out-, storage- and VAL-processes within the warehouse.

These processes are defined by scanning as much as data from barcodes as possible. Think about order numbers, pallet numbers, location numbers and so on. The more you scan, the less you have to write down on a sheet of paper and then enter it manually in your system. Another aspect of these scan processes are the limitations of choices and clickable moments. Why? To reduce the error margins to a minimum. We realize this by showing everything on simple screens on RF-scanners. This also saves you a significant initial investment, compared to high-tech scanning equipment.

Telnet Scanning | Boltrics

Example Telnet Scanning

App Platform Scanning: the next level

Next to the beforementioned scan solution, Boltrics offers for not too long now the module App Platform. With this technique, we do not show the processes on a scanner, but on a web browser. Because of this, it is possible to use the technique not only on scanners, but also on your smartphone or tablet. This creates many new possibilities. Your touchscreen works like you are used to. Drop-down menus, clickable multiple choice answers and buttons create more clarity than choosing by the use of function-keys on a keyboard. Also, you can easily take photos with your phone or tablet and upload these directly to Dynamics.

Examples App Platform

HTML5 Scan | Boltrics

HTML5 - Keuzes | Boltrics

Advantages Scanning via the App Platform compared to Telnet Scanning

The App Platform uses the same functions as regular scanning en consists of the same scan function as the classic method. This way, Boltrics can easily configurate these processes based on proven technology. The App Platform distinguishes itself especially from the classic scan function in the following situations:

  • Quality checks with many checkpoints;
  • Employers need to take pictures and add these to a document;
  • A truck driver needs to sign a document.
    • The signature can be drawn on the touchscreen and can be added as an image.

HTML5 Scan | Boltrics

You scan do it!

In what way you designed your logistics processes, Boltrics has a fitting scan solution for any situation. No more pen and paper, no more doctors’ handwriting an double registration is in the past. Contact us and together with you, we will determine how your processes can be optimized.