Nowadays it is almost impossible to picture goods without barcodes. Whether it is a pack of chewing gum at the counter in the supermarket or a semi-finished product in your warehouse; there is always a sticker with many black stripes to be found. No wonder, because with the current demand concerning traceability and quality checks, these stickers are crucial. A lot of clients or customers have specific demands about what should be on a ZPL label. Or maybe it is you who wants to see a personal feature on your ZPL labels. But creating a ZPL lay-out is easier said than done. That is why Boltrics made this easier for you in Nekovri- and 3PL Dynamics.

Import ZPL label images

From now on, it is possible to import multiple images in a ZPL label. The possibilities are endless. For example, think about a company logo, EC-identification and health marks, an image that is required by your customer or the recipient. This does not only give you the opportunity to personalize, but you can also live up to your customers’ demands in a better way.

Create and edit ZPL label images in 8 easy steps

Before we go into the eight-step walkthrough, it is important to keep in mind that you need to adjust the image size beforehand. Determine what size the image should be and easily adjust it to your wishes with Microsoft Paint for example. Save this image in a map that is destined for these kind of images, so it is easy to find every time you need it.

You have opened Microsoft Dynamics NAV and you are logged in. Now it is time to get started.

Step 1

Go to “ZPL lay-outs” by using the search bar.

Step 2

Select the lay-out you would like to edit.

Step 3

Click on “Edit”.


Step 4

Add a new ZPL lay-out line and select at Type the value “Image”. 

Step 5

Click on “Import image” and select the image you would like to print on the label.

Step 6

The import is done successfully if “Picture text” is checked.

Step 7

You can adjust the horizontal image position at the X-coordinate.

Step 8

You can adjust the vertical image position at the Y-coordinate.

Always get recognized by putting your logo on your ZPL labels

With the (small) steps above, you have placed multiple images on your ZPL-label in no time. Customers and clients immediately recognize where the goods come from or where they need to go. Or maybe your clients wish that their logo is placed on the label. Either way, the possibilities are endless. You decide what you like the most. That is the power of customization within a standard solution.