Boltrics is growing. Every day. We are lucky to welcome new customers on a regular basis and our software gets improved continuously. This makes us happy and proud at the same time, because we have achieved this all together. Nowadays, “all together” means over 30 employees. From sales to support, from development to HRM, from internal to our consultants at the customer. Every single one contributes in his own way.

About a year ago, I elaborated on our recruitment procedure and indicated what we usually look for in potential colleagues: branch knowledge as a big plus, the ability to adapt, broad interest and thinking in solutions. If you fit this profile and at the same time embrace the Boltrics philosophy the job application process can begin. Provided you are looking for work, of course. That is also somewhat relevant.

Match or no match?

You can check all the above boxes. That is already a good start. After an introductory phone call in which we both can ask some detailed questions, you might send a motivation letter and your resume. If these are sufficient as well, a few conversations at our office will follow. Is there a connection? Is Boltrics what you are looking for? Can you create value for the organization? These are questions that are answered during this phase. When everything results in a resounding “yes”, we can sign the contract and welcome you as a colleague!

Welcome aboard

Congratulations, you can now officially call yourself a Boltrics employee! But what now? Almost every new labor force starts as a consultant on the (telephone) support department. Customers report a problem about the software implemented by Boltrics. What was working yesterday, is not working anymore. It is your task to solve this. Do you have to do this on your first day already? The answer is yes. There is a good chance that you do not have a lot more knowledge than the customer that is calling you. But only by actively solving the problem, you are able to quickly master the matter. In addition to this trial and error method, you will also follow internal and external training courses about Microsoft Dynamics NAV in the first phase. Everything with one and the same goal: getting you up and running as quickly as possible.

We do not expect you to be on fully functional within one month. As a matter of fact, as a support consultant it takes about 6 to 18 months to lay a solid foundation. Because we also know: by putting your development in the first place, the company as a whole can move on. This is why we offer you the time and space to do this at your own pace, but as efficiently as possible. Everyone is different and has their own way of doing things. It is up to you to show us your qualities.

Boltrics’ corporate culture

As said before: you have to get into your role as quickly as possible and you have to do this in your own way. It fits in our culture that core qualities are noticed. This way you will always end up in the spot where you can excel in the best way. Based on your qualities, but also on your interests.
You might ask yourself how it is possible that we notice these things. With almost 100 customers, 125 support requests per week and more than 30 colleagues, it cannot be possible that this is known by everyone, can it? This brings me to the second cultural aspect: the flat organization and direct communication. Communication lines are very short and there is no hierarchy. Within the team, everyone knows who they are, what they do and what they can do for each other. So, do not be surprised when one of the directors asks you if you want something to drink.
You will probably notice another thing in your first few working weeks. If it will work either this way or that, we are driven to complete our tasks effectively. We are working on the future together and putting money where your mouth is underlies this. When this does not happen, this will be noticed and you will hear it (due to the flat structure and short lines). Because at Boltrics we are getting things done.

Boltrics is growing, just like you

I sometimes hear from third parties that employees have reached their maximum. Not because of their potential or skills, but because the company is too dependent on the employee within that position. Thus, he cannot be missed. This results in employees that are unable to grow. The organization slows you down as an ambitious employee. In many cases, this leads to a job switch and then the department’s problem is enormous: a valuable employee is gone. The labor market is tight, so good luck with finding a suitable candidate.

This is where Boltrics differs from other companies. Your development does not stop because of a certain dependency on your knowledge and efforts. If you are ready for the next step, we will give you that opportunity. Because: when you grow, we grow. Individual development of our employees is for that reason top of our priority.

Will you grow with us?

Are you ready to develop yourself to your own desired level? Do you want to contribute to a young, informal company in your own way? I would love to get in contact with you. Give me a call and we can talk things through together.