Do you want to charge your customers for fixed fees, but do (new) administrative challenges make you get the jitters? Just when you’ve successfully implemented an enormous optimization, a new administrative frustration arises. One by one, everything has to be documented and in no time you spend hours on additional work for all of your customers. Sounds familiar? If so, avoid frustration and save time with the latest features of Microsoft Dynamics.

Recurring surcharges; without complex formulas and complicated procedures

Because of the new release, it is possible to charge regular fixed fees directly from the contract period. And you don’t even need to document a separate file or deal with complex formulas. In just a few clicks, you can add the recurring surcharges to your contract. Whether it concerns the permanent warehouse rent, equipment rental or a management fee.

Get started right away? Check the step-by-step plan below:

Step 1: Search for “WMS Contract” in the search bar and open the desired contract.

Blog: Charge periodic costs without administrative frustration | Boltrics

Step 2: Open the desired (underlying) contract and navigate to “Recurring Surcharges”.

Blog: Charge periodic costs without administrative frustration: Recurring surcharges | Boltrics

Step 3: A new window appears. Here, you have to determine the unit price. By default, the number “1” is filled in. Through an option field, you can indicate that the unit price is per day.

Step 4: Next, define the period duration with a date formula. For example, use <1M> for a monthly surcharge and indicate to the system how the periodic posting date should be calculated. Thus, from the moment the service can be collected on an invoice: if you set the date formula with <1D>, the allowance will be calculated 1 day after the ending date.Blog: Charge periodic costs without administrative frustration: Periods | Boltrics

Step 5: In the invoice run, the invoice periods are calculated automatically. Click on “Periods” to immediately see which periods have already been collected on a (booked) invoice.Blog: Charge periodic costs without administrative frustration: Agreement Line Invoice Periods | Boltrics