Jikes… by accident wrapped some goods in the wrong foil? It can happen to the best of us. Because as we say in Holland, “where work is done, mistakes will happen”. But how can you ensure that the follow up at least runs like a well-oiled machine? Are you missing the overview of the number of incidents, the colleagues involved and/or the associated status? Does processing the incidents take a lot of time? Or does it happen to you (regularly) that you forget to inform your customer about the current status? And is your Excel file no longer sufficient to make a thorough analysis of the type of incidents?

Make it easy to register internal and external complaints.

In order to keep the relationship with your (internal) customer good and open for the future, a quick and correct handling of complaints is essential. But… That is often easier said than done. Because it would start with a correct registration, an accurate follow-up and communication flow. And subsequently, analyze the incidents to identify a possible trend.

A lack of insight due to the limitations of your Excel or Access file?

Then our module “Incident registration” can be the solution to your problem. Making it very easy to record the incident, including the parties involved – from contact person, customer and supplier to transporter.

The possibilities of the module “Incident registration” in a nutshell

Bring all relevant information together in one solution

Capture the contact details of the parties involved and know exactly who you should inform about the progress. And capture the detailing of the incident, such as problem, cause, solution and (outstanding) actions. In addition, it is also possible to link related documents, such as photos, CMRs, etc., to the report. So all relevant information is centrally available to colleagues and if necessary for the customer.

Incidentenregistratie - Breng alle relevante informatie samen op één plek | Boltrics

Register an incident simply from a document

Create a notification from a document: receipt, shipment or forwarding. This way you know exactly which articles, orders and/or employees are related to an incident.

Capture interactions

Eliminate duplicate work and increase productivity. Record interactions with the parties involved and ensure that employees know what the current status is. But also what communication has already taken place.

Incidentenregistratie - Leg interacties vast | Boltrics

Manage expectations and capture SLAs

Make sure your employees and customers are aware of the agreements and register these through service level agreements. This way your customers know exactly when they can expect a response.

Clear communication via the web portal

Display an overview of outstanding notifications on the web portal and give the customer (of the customer) insight into the current status. This way you can easily reduce the number of calls and emails and reduce the communication efforts on your part.

Incidentenregistratie - Een transparante communicatie via het web portaal | Boltrics

Incidentenregistratie - Een transparante communicatie via het web portaal | Boltrics

Create a crystal clear process with workflows

Is the registration of complaints in the hands of several colleagues? Ensure that reports are handled as quickly as possible and complete with a perfect communication flow. Make sure that all those involved know exactly what action is expected from them and create a workflow with the required steps.

Streamline internal incident registration as well

Forget paper “to do” lists and also integrate your internal incidents. This way you do not only streamline the communication towards your clients but also towards your internal stakeholders.

Get insight into the improvement options

Discover potential trend lines? Analyze the progress of reports with extensive reporting options. And give yourself the opportunity to implement structural improvements thanks to newly acquired insights.

Create a knowledge base

Register frequent incidents and build a knowledge base. Supporting your organization to handle recurring incidents in a standard repetitive manner. And as a bonus: new colleagues are up-and-running faster thanks to this knowledge base.

The advantages at a glance:

  • All notifications clearly displayed
  • Prevent complaints left by the wayside
  • Increase the productivity
  • Improved insight into improvement opportunities

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