Much has been said and written about custom and standard software. The pros and cons, and when which option would suit your situation. In addition, many suppliers claim they offer an out-of-the-box solution but is that actually the case? And what would be the associated price tag? Are there any hidden costs in the future, for example when your company grows and processes become more complex? How standard is a standard? And who decides whether the standard includes the right functionalities?

The definition of custom and standard software

Let’s start with the defining the definition of these two options:

  • Custom software: a software solution customized and programmed to fully meet a specific need.
  • Standard: an out-of-the-box software solution where All business and logistics processes are standard integrated into the software.

One size fits all?

When referring to standard software is it always “one size fits all”? It just to be, perhaps, but at Boltrics we get the seven-year itch of a “one size fits all” approach. Or the solution is too complex for your company or the solution limits your possibilities. Therefore, we created a unique concept that ensures that is possible to benefit the advantages of standard and customization. For example, all our 90+ customers work with a standard software solution, but at the same time, they all work with different customized configurations. Compare it with Lego and Playmobil. A Playmobil house (standard software) is what it is, you can not add an additional floor. But when building a house with LEGO, you will receive an instruction but you will still have the freedom to deviate from the instructions.

Guaranteed access to the latest technology without breaking the bank

One of the advantages of a standard software solution is that the supplier is responsible for (the consistency) of the software and also wants to be responsible. The supplier’s interest is that the quality of the solution can be monitored and to ensure that the product is future-proof. This could include new functionalities that are requested by the market and to ensure that the solution is compatible with new technology.

For custom software, it generally applies that the customer determines what the solution looks like and which technology platform must be used. However, the question is whether you really want that as a customer? Or that you might prefer to focus on your business?

The advantage of a well-maintained standard solution is that you as a customer are always guaranteed of access to the latest technology and stay ahead of the competition. In the case of the Boltrics solution, Microsoft will ensure that you can always use the latest technology. Boltrics ensures the right standard solution for the market and will, in consultation with its customers, always ensure that the solution remains up-to-date.

Enabling a win-win situation for both supplier and customer.

Stop reinvesting every five years

When comparing the costs of a standard versus a customized solution, it appears that a custom solution is most of the times more expensive. Perhaps not when you just start using it, but what happens when your company over time grows and/or your business processes change? Your ERP system often has to be updated as well. In order to ensure that the tailor-made solution still fits your needs, a lot still needs to be developed to accommodate the changes. From many customers who used to work with custom software solutions experienced that they had to re-invest every five years in a new software solution. Just because the custom solution no longer met the current requirements and wishes.

The advantages of out-of-the-box software

  • Save some pennies: Standard software is way less expensive than custom work. For example, you no longer have to worry about development costs. In addition, you spend much less time and money on maintaining your software and save yourself the costs to invest every couple years in a revised solution.
  • No worries about outdated software: For a software vendor it is much easier to update their software solution to make sure you can utilize the latest features.
  • Quality and support: Used by a large group of customers, the out-of-the-box software has already proven its added value. You have access to an adult product that is tailored to your industry needs with the supplier’s quality guarantee. If you unexpectedly encounter some problems, the support team is ready to help. They know the solution like the back of their hand.
  • Quick deploy A standard solution is quick and easy to deploy. All you need to do is set up the right configuration to ensure that the solution meets your specific needs. As a result, the implementation time can be kept as short as possible.
  • Get started with the input from industry peers: Your organization is of course not the same as all other logistics service providers. But in terms of software requirements, your needs often correspond with those of your industry peers. With a standard solution, the supplier has brought these wishes together in one solution.

Combine the benefits of custom and standard

At Boltrics, we designed our software as the branch standard. But that does not mean it is inflexible. Because we work with the latest Microsoft technology and offer a solution where you can attune the workflows to your specific business needs, we can make full advantage of the possibilities that Microsoft Dynamics offers. We define workflows by company individually, as well as additional fields and reports. So actually, still quite a bit of custom-made. Want to learn more about our promises? Discover more >>