How often do you receive a phone call from a customer while you’re on the road about their inventory or shipments? What do you do? Do you ask your colleague at the office to look up the information in Dynamics NAV and send the document by email? Or do you let your customer know you will share the information as soon as you are back in the office? With the first option, you burden your colleague with an extra task but the second option may result in a dissatisfied customer. And what about the registration of any damage to a load? Your customers want to be informed about this immediately. Are you frustrated by the number of required actions to add a photo to an order? Think of photographing the damage, putting it on your PC and then uploading it to the relevant file within Dynamics NAV. Something that can be accidentally forgotten due to the daily hectic. And above all, all these additional manual actions lead to unnecessary costs and dissatisfied customers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to access your data when, for example, you want to quickly email a document during your lunch break? Or that taking and uploading a photo wouldn’t cost more than just a few taps on your smartphone?

In order to reduce the number of steps in your process and to save costs, Microsoft launched the Dynamics NAV app in 2016. A handy tool that allows you to access your Dynamics NAV environment directly from your mobile device.

But which possibilities does this app exactly offer? And do these possibilities make the use of the app interesting for your business? Or is it possible to give your customer access to your database via the app?

Be flexible

The Dynamics NAV app is touch-optimized and offers easy access to simple business processes, tasks and data entry. Some examples of the functions within the Dynamics NAV app are:

  • Insights in your graphs on your home screen
  • Create invoices and quotations quickly and easily send them by email
  • Approve documents or send them to a colleague for approval
  • Use your smartphone to create and upload images to Dynamics NAV

The Dynamics NAV app is perfect to use while you’re on the go. I am no longer obliged to open my laptop to quickly send a document to a customer. In addition, we save a lot of time as photos can be linked from the app to a document quickly and easily. Our colleagues also use the app on the work floor on tablets for order processing and simple, everyday processes. This allows us to support many of our processes with one single system, which saves us time and costs while offering flexibility.

Jos van de Kant, Director at Vriesveem Balmerd.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Flexibility
  • Access and manage your data anytime and anywhere
  • Direct synchronization with the Windows and web client (network data required)
  • Better streamline your processes
  • Improve your accuracy by capturing data closer to the source

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities of the Dynamics NAV app for your organization? Download the brochure or contact your Customer Success Consultant.

Get started with the app right away

Download our ‘how-to’ guide that helps you to get started with the app and discover the ease of use yourself.


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