There is increasing attention for organic products. But are the products that are labeled as organic really organic? The European Commission believes all consumers should be able to have confidence that organic products comply with strict EU requirements.

Every organization that produces, processes, packs, imports, trades, or stores organic products within EU countries are required to be certified for labeling their products as organic. Every EU country has their own control bodies and/or authorities.

What does it mean for logistics service providers?

The EU requires a strict control system with checks carried out at every stage of the organic supply chain. Certified organizations will be checked at least once a year. Therefore, incoming shipments are checked regularly. It should be clear to the regulator when and which products are entering. As a recipient, you should check organic products on the following areas:

  • Date of receipt
  • Supplier’s name and location
  • Sales description of the product: does this contain a reference to organic?
  • Code/number of the inspection organization
  • Traceable code – for example a best before date
  • Quantity of the received product
  • Whether the package is closed – if applicable

In addition to the points above, the organic products must be stored in such a way that mixing or exchange with other products is excluded. The products must always be traceable, for example through batch number or the best before date. Every certified organization must also make itself known as being certified. As a storage company, this must be done on the CMR/delivery notes. The following information is required to be mentioned:

  • Name of your company
  • Your place of business
  • Name of the product – including a reference to organic
  • A mark for traceability
  • The code number of the corresponding control authority


Within our software

Within Nekovri and 3PL Dynamics, you have the possibility to capture organic characteristics and features at various levels. Think of article, description, batch, batch content, best before date, or document line. This allows your organization to deliver the right reporting at every level of detail within our WMS.

For more information about the guidelines and rules of organic products, visit the website of the European Commission.