Invoices are scattered across different desks and are waiting for approval of payment. Subsequently, the invoices are re-typed and booked into the system. Sounds familiar? Wouldn’t it be nice if this flow could be done digitally? Support a growing organization with an equal number of employees on administration?

With Document Capture, the financial paperwork no longer has to be a time-consuming, manual activity. By simply automating the process it is even possible – depending on the organization – to save 5 to 20 euros per invoice.

Less paperwork, more insight

Document Capture is an extension of our barcode-recognition software. You only need to scan the documents, and the software will take care of the rest. From analysis to recognition and the processing of the information. This way, you can easily recognize invoices and directly create a document in the system. The invoice will then be booked to the appropriate ledger entry. In addition, it is even possible to let the approval take place digitally.

Recognize and process invoices

By the indicated, for example the account number or phone number, it is possible to recognize and register the appropriate supplier in Microsoft Dynamics. When the supplier is recognized, an invoice will be created with the ledger entry on which it can be booked.

The software recognizes the following:

  • Supplier
  • Invoice number and date
  • Price in- and excluding VAT

Compare the invoice with the expected purchase costs

It may be that the purchase invoice is already in the system with the agreed prices of the appropriate supplier. A document number has been shared with the supplier in advance, which they have to mention on the invoice. Document Capture can recognize this number and solely link the purchase invoices so that the incoming invoice can easily be checked with the expected purchase costs.

Bring all invoices together in one central place

The invoices can be received separately. With Document Capture, it is possible to scan these different invoices and collect them in one central place in Microsoft Dynamics. From there, the purchase invoices can be assigned to the different departments and/or organizations and prevent invoices from disappearing off the radar.

Approve digitally

Are the invoices ready to be checked? Then it is possible to let the approval take place by supplier or by linking the appropriate applicant to an approver.

Example: invoice approval

In the example below, an invoice is ready for approval.

Document Capture

The approver receives an e-mail with outstanding purchase invoices. The web client can be directly opened through the e-mail and approve the invoices from every location – at the office, at home or on the road.

Document Capture

When the invoice has been approved, it will be added to the invoice creation.

Advantages of invoice recognition with Document Capture:

  • Reduce manual entry
  • Reduce paper flow and storage
  • Save time
  • Save up to €20 per invoice

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