Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential to easily identify the health of your organization. In a single overview, they show how far you have reached your goals and which parts need extra attention. Step 1 is, obviously, mapping the relevant KPIs for your organization. Step 2 is converting this data into rich analyzes and clear visual reports. Power BI can provide a solution.

In 30 minutes, we’ll share the possibilities of Power BI within 3PL and Nekovri Dynamics. We will share some ins & outs, and I will show how you can use our predefined Power BI datasets and reports to create rich analyzes and clear, visual reports. These data sets and reports are fully aligned with the needs of logistics service providers and provide decision makers at all levels with insight into relevant information. Anytime, anyplace and via any device. This will help you to better manage your goals for the future.

Learn in 30 minutes more:

  • How you can transform your data – within 5 minutes – into real time dashboards and reports.
  • How Power BI helps you easily spot trends
  • How you can simplify your operations and better streamline your processes
  • How you can make earlier, and better decisions and respond to trends within your business.
  • And the advantages of Boltrics’ predefined Power BI datasets and reports

What are the possibilities for your Logistics business?

Register for our webinar and discover how Power BI can provide you new insights into your data and business processes.