We’ve got a confession to make…. We are in love with Power BI. The ease of use, the way it can give you complete control over all your data, helping to drive more valuable insights and empower employees to meet and even exceed their goals. Without the necessity to “struggle” with different systems to understand what’s going on. It allows you to turn your data into gorgeous charts and graphs within just minutes. And it collects your most useful visualizations into a dashboard, then allows you to share them with others to promote organization-wide insights. I mean, what’s not to love?

Fortunately, we’re not the only one who is head over heels with Power BI. When talking with customers, they seem just as excited about the possibilities. Of course, not without reason, because:

  • It makes data analysis fast, accessible, and hassle-free.
  • It increases collaboration across the board.
  • It lets you manage all your data with ease.
  • It saves you both money and time.


At its core, Power BI is designed to be a tool for everyone, and incredibly easy to use. Anyone familiar with PowerPoint or Excel will have an easy time learning how to use Power BI. And just to make sure logistics service providers can benefit from the advantages, we offer pre-defined data sets that allow our customers to be up and running with Power BI without a fuzz. This way, everyone at your organization will be able to benefit from intelligent, data-driven analysis—regardless of their skill level. We believe this is one of the most vital benefits you can get from Power BI.

Are you convinced about the advantages? But does your boss still needs some convincing? We’re here to help.

We offer you a free guide as a resource you can use to persuade your boss or the key decision-makers at your organization why Power BI is the best solution for your business. We’ll review in detail some of Power BI’s key features and show you how beneficial they can be at an organizational level. And we’ll also include talking points and actionable insights that you can use to jumpstart a conversation. In addition, we’ll help you anticipate any potential questions or reservations your boss may have, then suggest some responses to put their mind at ease

Use this definitive guide to persuade any decision-maker on the benefits of using the world’s most effective business intelligence and analytics solution.

Download the white paper and start convincing your boss: