An interesting study on logistics in 2050

Will we be able to create sustainable prosperity or are we heading towards a climate crash? Is the world interconnected or fragmented? What new technologies will form our daily life? In a recent research called “Delivering Tomorrow: Logistics in 2050”, Deutsche Post DHL presents five major, sometimes radical predictions of the world by 2050 and the impact it might have on the logistics industry.

The research gives some answers, but at the same time, the researchers are aware that it is impossible to give “the only” correct forecast for the future. “The current complex economic and political landscape makes it almost impossible to make accurate predictions. In our unstable and connected world, it has been repeatedly found that the traditional linear forms of analysis produce incorrect results. These analyses are simply not accurate enough to anticipate and prepare for upcoming changes,” emphasizes CEO Frank Appel.

The different scenarios – developed in collaboration with leading experts – are based on observations of the most important factors, from business and consumer patterns to technological developments and climate change. They have looked at their likely impact on our behavior and our future environment. The scenario study is being finalized with a series of essays on various themes, all of them focus on the trends and developments in the future.

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