Ever wondered why you purchased a customer portal? Because there it hardly cost anything extra? “That ain’t expensive? You cannot build your own customer portal for that price.” Or, to ease the pressure on your own employees. It saves a lot of phone calls. Because, which one of your employees likes to answer simple questions about order status, inventory status, etc? Nobody right?! But, most likely, it was your customer who demanded you to offer access to a customer portal. They want to gain better insight into their inventory – often at the most (for you) inconvenient time. They want to be able to undertake immediate action if needed and don’t want to depend on the availability of your colleagues.

With an online portal, you can easily give your customers insight into their inventory which is stored in your warehouse, the status of transport or forwarding orders, packing balances or the last delivered THT to decide if a specific order can be delivered.

But do you actually take advantage of all the possibilities your customer portal offers? For example, do you know the following options?

1. Show large amounts of data quick and easy
Many portals encounter performance issues when trying to process large amounts of data. With Boltrics’ customer portal, it is possible to easily and quickly display large amounts of data. For example by:

  • Filter and limit totals, preventing the system to retrieve all historical data.
  • Or introduce a layered structure. In doing so, the user first selects an item and then the relevant carrier. In addition, it is also possible to navigate further and, for example, show the article posts corresponding with the carrier so that you (and your customer) see at a glance when it entered the warehouse and what mutations have been made.


2. Show multiple sites in one, single customer portal
Would you like to offer your customer more comfort? Then it is possible to show multiple locations or even independent warehouses in one customer portal. Allowing your customer to only log in once to see the status of his goods divided over different warehouses.

3. Show additional/more fields
Our customer portal gets updated continuously. So it is very likely that your customer portal offers way more than what you currently use. For example, a large number of basic screens are expanded with additional options. By simply refreshing your data, they are available immediately.

4. Web entry
In some cases, it is a necessity that third parties can enter orders through a web interface. Boltrics offers the Microsoft web user interface. With a specific profile, you can decide which functionality should be available. In addition, it is possible to filter on all fields. Predefined profiles are available by default, so you can quickly and easily configure the desired setup per customer without any hassle. This provides you access to all the functionality that is available for your organization. However, this costs a license per customer.

5. Upcoming innovations
On a regular basis, we plan a brainstorm with our customers about new functionality. Wishes we could not realize in the past, are possible with today’s technology. For example:

  • Status change of documents, blocking of stock, etc.
  • Follow the approval flow through the customer portal
  • Set up the desired notifications per customer


Do you also want to give your customer access to a customer portal? Then send us an e-mail at sales@boltrics.nl.